Factors to consider while selecting an Ad Agency in Delhi

Selecting the right Ad Agency

Selecting the right ad agency is important for all sorts of organization because unlike other business associates they are not just mere suppliers; but they act as strategic and creative partners for the company hiring them. Agency selection might seem like a difficult task because different agencies focus on different elements (account management, creative function, media buying) or different industries (healthcare, education). These are however certain factors which should be analyzed and evaluated before an ad agency is chosen in Delhi.

Ad Agency Selection Factors
  1. Objectives – A marketer needs to figure out what is his main objective behind employing an ad agency, whether the services he needs is mainly creative in nature or he is focusing on account management etc. The choice is made accordingly, after understanding the level of expertise of the agency in those fields and its overall capabilities. It is of utmost importance to understand how the agency would help the organization to achieve those goals as the whole professional relationship hinges on completion of said objectives.
  2. Agency Size and Experience – The size and experience are important determinants while selecting an agency. The experience suggests that the agency is stable and has enough know-how about the sector it mainly concentrates on. The size on the other hand informs the marketer whether his account would get the desired attention he wants. Selecting the largest ad agency may not always be the most viable strategy for most marketers as they tend to be too expensive and may not devote sufficient attention to smaller accounts as it won’t prove to be that profitable.

    Choosing the right Ad Agency
  3. Industry Expertise – This is a dual-edged sword as it is important to hire an agency which has got an understanding as to how the industry or sector operates. But at the same time if an agency mainly focuses on one particular industry, then there is a high probability that it would also represent a competitor which might give way to conflict of interest issues. So it is crucial to find an agency with adequate know-how about the sector but at the same time it should be able to differentiate the marketer’s brand from its competitors in case they are representing both.
  4. Creativity – It is good to have a clear idea of how the agency is going to cooperate with its client on creative matters. If the agency is just going to take the brief from its client and create the campaign from scratch or whether the client would be involved in the creative process every step of the way. Any potential client would do well to check on any previous awards the agency might have won to judge how efficient it is at managing a sizable marketing campaign.

    Survey showing factors behind Agency Selection
  5. Alignment of Business Principles – It’s not enough for an agency to offer a strategic or a creative solution to a problem but they are also expected to share the same vision regarding the brand as its client. So it’s important the agency and the marketer’s corporate and cultural personality are compatible with each other.

Besides the above mentioned factors it is also important for the agency to be adaptable as business environment changes continuously, committed to the campaign and be technically proficient and innovative.

Steps in selecting Ad Agency

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