The different types of Ad Agencies in Delhi

Types of Ad Agency

Ad Agencies are service providers who undertake the task of creating, planning and releasing advertisements and other forms of promotional material for its client. Its activities range from branding to marketing to public relations. Ad Agencies have become a vital cog of marketing plans for all large as well as most medium sized enterprises as organizations realize to survive in the increasingly competitive market, they would need the help of qualified advertising professionals. Though all ad agencies serve the same basic function, they can be further classified according to the exact nature of their responsibilities, the focus of their activities and other factors.

The most common types of Ad Agency located in Delhi are:

  • Full Service Agencies – As the name suggests they provide a comprehensive list of services to its clients, which start from planning the ad to creating and releasing it. They also facilitate other marketing functions such as designing websites, determining target market and marketing research. It basically acts as a one-stop destination for all client needs ranging from Account Management to Media Planning.

    Services provided by Full Service Agencies
  • Creative Agencies / Creative Boutiques – Their function is limited to creating only the actual advertisement itself. These are smaller agencies with a small creative team of designers, writers, artists whose main focus is to deliver innovative and imaginative advertisements. A company hiring a creative agency might however need to seek help from other agencies for its media planning and other needs.

    Creative Boutiques
  • Specialized Agencies – These agencies focus their expertise on a particular function (planning, market research) or an industry / sector (finance, education, healthcare) or a specific marketing communication discipline (direct marketing, sales promotion, public relation). They are used by marketers when there is a need to target a niche marketing segment or a very specific target market.
  • In-house Agencies – A lot of companies prefer to employ an advertising team that is exclusively on their payroll as it allows the organization a much greater degree of control over how it wants to promote its products. It can be as big as in house ad agencies or small as a creative boutique. A chief advantage of using in house agencies is it ensures the brand maintains a consistent personality while a chief disadvantage of using the same is the high cost of maintain such an agency within the company.

    Benefits of In-House Agencies
  • Digital / Interactive Agencies – As e-commerce, social media marketing, search engine marketing and content marketing grows in stature a lot of agencies are specializing themselves to deliver marketing solutions well suited to the digital space. There was a boom of digital agencies when marketers initially realized the growing importance of internet as a communicating medium. But now the trend is waning as most full service agencies have started offering similar services.

    Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine (SEO) Agencies – Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization have become a rather recent addition to the options available to a marketer to promote their product. Certain smaller organizations are providing search engine optimization services which result in higher number of visitors being directed to the company website, in other words improving their Google search listings. These service providers had recently started calling themselves ad agencies though their focus is mainly on Public Relation.

    SEO Agency Functions
  • Social Media Agencies – They are responsible for promotion of brands on social media platforms such as blogs, forums, Q&A sites. Their main focus is on sites like Facebook, Twiter, LInkedin and Youtube. Their job responsibilities encompass blog management, video editing, content research and development and search engine optimization. They are a new form of agency that is slowly replacing digital agencies and SEO agencies as the go-to option for marketers looking to build a sizeable digital presence.

    Social Media Marketing
  • Healthcare Communication Agencies – Healthcare is a unique field and marketing in it requires a specialized focus so a host of agencies have come up focussing on strategic communications and marketing services for the Healthcare industries.
  • Medical Education Agencies – They specialize in creating educational content for healthcare industries mainly focusing on promotional education and continuing medical education.
  • Other Agencies – There are small independent sections of larger ad agencies such as Branding/Identity Agency, Design Agency, Enterprise Technology Agency, etc. They are not big enough to be called specialized agencies and mainly work in close conjunction with larger ad agencies.

The type of agency an advertiser selects depends upon the nature of its requirements which may vary from focusing on a particular target market to mass market penetration. The choice of agency may also change depending upon whether the needs of the marketer are predominantly creative or administrative in nature.

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