15 of the Most Effective Sample Print Ads to inspire your Newspaper Ad

Most Effective Newspaper Ads

Advertisements are much more than just a source of product or service promotions. It has come to form a very crucial part of the viewer’s life and they also tend to influence our buying decisions or deliver some sort of a moral lesson in their own style.

The purpose of an advertisement, be it in print form or be it a TVC or be it an Audio advertisement on a Radio, is to be effective. Every advert aspires to inspire, tickle or hit an audience’s emotional chord. It can be fear, it can be humour, it can be sadness, it can be cautiousness, it can be even try to wrench or awaken the conscience of a target audience. It is important to comprehend the desired objective or message delivered by an ad so as to gauge its effect on our day-to-day lives.

Below are 15 of the most effective sample print advertisements by some of the popular and not-so-popular brands of the world by some of the most renowned advertising agencies which have stood as an inspiration for many other advertisers:

1-Pilot’s Water Resistant Pen Ad

The message of an inspirational advertisement by the famous pen brand-Pilot, which intended to highlight its special water resistant feature, effectively did so with a very simple yet relatable print ad. The ad has been able to create a nostalgic feeling in the hearts of mothers as well as those children who may have experienced the same ‘conditions apply with food’ situation during their childhood. This ad ensures a varied range of audiences appealing to readers of all ages.

Pilot-Water Resistant Ink Ad

2-Scrabble’s Surprising Power of Words Advert

Scrabble has been one of the most favourite board games of children, adults and even oldies across the whole world. It has its fair share of fame since its inception and still seems to enjoy that as has been portrayed through this print highlighting the “Surprising Power of Words”. The theme of the ad harped upon “The Pen is mightier than the sword” proverb and ended up with a great and effective ad wherein the small and timid ‘Squirrel’ is more powerful than the cunning and wild ‘Fox’ in terms of word length and scoring ability in the board game of scrabble.

Scrabble’s Newspaper Print Ad

3-Panasonic Viera 3D feature

We have all been exposed to various brands showcasing the 3D feature of their high end LEDs or LCDs but this unique and rather cute print advertisement by Panasonic takes away the cake in terms of simplicity, emotional effect creative application and uniqueness. The ad successfully shows off the technology and at the same time grabs the attention of readers, who at least end up appreciating the advertisement, if not purchasing the product-Panasonic Viera 3D.

Panasonic 3D Viera Print Ad

4-National Geographic Channel-Make space for Nature

The National Geographic Channel has been an inspiration for some of the best sample print ads across the entire advertising industry, as it needs to reach out to the most naive section of the population-Kids. Their advertising agents have conjured up one more ad which can be added to their list of memorable ad campaigns which is the ‘Make Space for Nature’ ad. It highlights the effect of games and gadgets on the impressionable minds of children. They need to be reminded that nature holds a space in their lives too as is depicted by the real life bird between the blue 3D birds. It’s simply amazing!

National Geographic-Make Room for Nature Print Ad

5-Bread & Breakfast Unique Print Ad

B&B is known to have featured some of the most boring ad campaigns in their earlier efforts of advertising. But with the help of a popular German Ad agency, they have managed to grab the intended attention with their smart and witty ad. In this ad the combination of the bed and the egg-yolk below on a white satin bed sheet simply gets the message across and glorifies the brand name very effectively!

Bread and Breakfast’s Effective Print Ad

6-Women’s Golf Promotion by MasterCard

Topics like women empowerment and women’s sport can often push ad agencies into tricky situations as neither can they be too feminine nor can they be too dull or non-experimental. But MasterCard seems to have mastered the art of promoting Women’s Golf Tournament with this amusing and creative advertisement. This ad was a part of their ‘Priceless’ slogan ad campaign and it has managed to stick to its standards.

MasterCard Promoting Women’s Golf Tournament Ad

7-OndAzul-Is it What you Expect to Find in the Sea Ad?

OndAzul is a well-know NGO working towards safeguarding the environment and Sea life. They have hired the helping hand of one of the most well-known advertising agencies to create a highly effective ad campaign in terms of visual effect and emotionally hard hitting facts. It goes on to asking the readers “Is it What you expect to find in the sea? Neither do the fishes.” Here ‘what’ refers to a plastic bottle which is shown to be canned inside a Tuna fish box. This instantly strikes the eyes and the conscience of the people engage in littering the seas with non-biodegradable items, highlighting the threats that the sea faces.

Ondazul-Environment Friendly Ad for Sea Protection

8-Opel-‘Get the message?’ Ad

Opel is one of the most popular automobile companies known to the world. Now every popular brand has something called a ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ which is quite essential among the western companies and gradually gaining importance in India too. With this smart, innovative, simple yet powerful advertisement, Opel manages to discharge off its social responsibility as an automobile company quite successfully. The ad showcases the ill-effects of texting while driving and how it can affect your world and life. This print ad is not just creative but also catchy and memorable reminding a person to avoid texting while on the wheels every time there is a ‘typo’.

Opel’s Get the Message Newspaper Ad

9-Sanccob-Save the Penguins

Sanccob is an NGO working towards protecting Penguins from facing extinction and with the help of a renowned Dutch graphic designer, they have created one of the best visual illusions highlighting the gradual process of extinction of Penguins. With the help of smart optical illusions the NGO has been able to highlight the actual declining conditions necessary for maintaining a healthy population of the African penguins. The advertisement is simply ecstatic and highly effective.

Save Penguins Ad Campaign of Sanccob

10-Mini Cooper Halloween Campaign

Everyone is aware of the famous automobile brand Mini Cooper. It has revolutionized the world of automobile since its inception due to its mini size and powerful discharge. Although many people may think that when an iconic brand such as the Mini is concerned, advertisers don’t really need to do anything but still they made an effort to stand out with this Halloween special ad. It casts a ghastly light on the car positioned upside down like a ‘Bat’ striking the right chord of the spooky Halloween.

Mini Cooper’s Successful Halloween Print Ad

11-Duracell Spooky ad

Have you ever seen a Battery company ideating and printing spooky advertisements? Well, Duracell Batteries seem to have done exactly that with their ‘Some Toys never Die’ advertisement. The ad is quite terrifying but highly effective as it conveys the necessary message instantly. Although it is one of those ads which may not have been considered effective but it reached its goal quite easily and the audience somehow could relate to it. The ad features a malefic looking doll opening the door of a little girl’s home while she is trying to move on with another doll.

Duracell’s Creepy but Effective Print Advertisement

12- Whiskas-Big Cat Small Cat Ad

Whiskas is a very popular cat food brand and it intended to convey the simple message that by feeding Whiskas to your cat, you can help develop traits of a Big Cat in your Little House Cat. The message was quite effectively conveyed to the target audience by featuring a small cat trying to hunt down a Gazelle by running after it at the speed of a Leopard. The similarity in the Cat family is highlighted with the concept of ‘Big Cat, Small Cat’ quite cleverly and efficiently.

Whiskas-Big Cat Small Cat Ad Campaign

13-McDonald’s Box of Fries Ad

McDonald’s is a brand which has always been at top of the list of great and effective advertisement across the whole of the advertising industry. The fast food chain’s advertising agency has come up with some of the most innovative ideas implemented in a simple yet effective manner as is seen in the McDonald’s Box of Fries ad. In this ad, the box of fries is carved out of a potato itself-the very ingredient of French fries, served in McDonald’s style.

McDonald’s Potato Fries Box Ad

14-WWF Irreparable Threat of Extinction

The World Wildlife Fund has been known to create some of the most beautiful and emotionally effective advertisements which very subtly conveys the message of protecting and preserving the lives of endangered and all other rare creatures dwelling or in danger within the face of the Earth. One such clever and beautifully executed advertisement is this one, where they feature a Polar Bear in a Garage Workshop without any tools or parts to replace those of a Polar Bear. It intends to show that there are no man-made tools or instruments that can repair the extinction of a beautiful species like the Polar Bear.

WWF-Irreplaceable parts of a Polar Bear ad

15-VolksWagen-Turn on your Adventure Ad

An automobile sensation like the Volkswagen intended to simply highlight the fact that their latest model Amarok’ can travel up to 1000 kilometres which converts to around 620 miles, in a single tank. They did it quite easily and subtly with their ‘Turn on Your Adventure’ advertisement. This beautifully executed subtle ad showcases the scene of a Safari engraved on the grooves of the car key. This ad was a part of a campaign of 3 ads, one of which featured a Safari, the second one a Mountain Landscape and the third showcased a City Scene, printed in the same way.

VolksWagen Turn on your Adventure Print Ad

There are many such advertisements which have transformed many cynical buyers into biased buyers. The effect of advertising is truly felt with these inspirational sample advertisements in print. They have set new parameters for the advertising industry as print advertising is way more difficult than TVCs or Radio Ads due to the lack of enough space or time or direct conversation with the audiences.

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