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Pune happens to be one of the biggest and most significant cities in India. Pune is home to a number of universities, research labs, IT companies, an active automobile industry and government and private sector organizations. Pune has oft been referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, primarily because even though Pune has made significant developments that have made the city a city of modern, progressive thinking folk, Pune has been key in epitomizing Marathi culture, standing for liberation, education, art and music.

A large percentage of the population of Pune comprises of students who study in the numerous universities in Pune. Since majority of radio listeners are young professionals and students, the radio industry in Pune has grown by leaps and bounds. The most popular radio networks in Pune are:

Since Pune hosts a number youth festivals, parties, and gatherings, the radio can be a handy tool for advertisement.
Launching an ad campaign in Pune over the radio is not a challenging task anymore. You can take the help of releaseMyAd, a radio advertising agency in Pune that allows you to book your radio ads online.

The booking process can be encapsulated by the following points:

  • Direct yourself to the page dedicated to Pune in the releaseMyAd website.
  •  Choose the radio station where you want to run your ad campaign.
  •  You can edit the parameters of ad duration, ad tenure and ad frequency
  •  Provide the details of your name, phone number, e-mail ID and business category of your organization.
  •  Review the booking details and make any changes that are necessary
  • Select the time slot when you want your ad campaign to run. You have the option of Prime Time (7-11am and 5-9pm) and Regular time, when ads play throughout the day.
  •  Choose the dates when you want your ad campaign to run
  •  Clear Payment via a host of online or offline options

While this concludes the booking process, there are a host of other services that releaseMyAd offers. Namely, you can avail of the following:Costs For Radio Advertising

  •  Media Planning and Buying:We help you to be heard by the right set of listeners at the right times at the right cost to help you achieve your objectives effectively.
  • Creative Planning:We are in partners with Jingle India providing advertisers with the most alluring ad creatives,getting across the right message to your target audience.
  • Consulting: Our experts help help you by comprehending your business needs,market competition and target audience,drafting an effective strategy for you to go on AIR.

It is worth noticing, however, that the cost of advertising over the medium of the radio in Pune is surprisingly affordable. Apart from getting the best deals from releaseMyAd, you also get a range of attractive offers from the same source. On top of these standard rates, the cost of advertising over the radio depends on the following factors:

  •  Ad location:It refers to your target location where you want your Ads to be heard.
  •  Ad duration:The length of your advertisement commercial.
  •  Ad tenure:The number of days you want your Ad to be played.
  •  Ad frequency :The number of times you want your Ad to played in a day.

You can get access to a whole world of sample creatives and also get the opportunity to have your creatives designed and produced by Jingle India, who are India’s foremost authority on jingle, and partners to releaseMyAd. If you encounter any difficulties in this process, you can call us on 09830629298, or mail us your queries at