ET NOW emerges as the new champ in advertiser’s branding game


The world of news is ever changing. Not just the news but its presentation format too!

From the daily news at specified hours to 24-hour news channels, the business of news has grown into a mountain from a molehill. This tremendous rise is attributed to the niche programming of the 24-hour news channel that caters to specific audiences. Two major categories of news channels exist in India. One that attends to general news pertaining  to politics, sports, science & technology, entertainment, international affairs and uncanny happenings around the globe. Times Now, Aaj Tak, ABP News all come under this category. Business & Financial news including the latest in the stock markets, product launches, amalgamations and guidance for your investments are covered by specific channels like ZET-Now-Advertisementsee Business, ET Now, Bloomberg TV, etc.

ET Now is a Times Group initiative that has become the first choice for most advertisers looking to advertise to people who are involved in business, financial and trading activities. The channel is a darling of TV advertisers due to its segmented audience profile. Mostly men in the age bracket of 30 to 55 prefer to watch ET Now, but women interested in trading stocks and other commodities also tune into this No. 1 Business News Channel.

A Market Leader is Born

Launched in 2009, ET Now was amongst the first few English Business News Channels. It was conceptualised on the lines of Times Group’s No.1 financial newspaper, Economic Times. A strategic partnership with Reuters helped the ET Now acquire news faster and better than its competitors. Moreover, the brand name of Economic Times played a crucial role in forming the audience base for ET NOW. Soon the channel arrested the audience attention with their timely reporting and guiding viewers to make profits by correctly anticipating bullish or bearish comportment of stock exchanges.

Reporting the Stock Market

ET Now’s programming aims to analyse the stock markets. Be it BSE, NSE or Nifty, its shows include all the happenings in the major stock exchanges of India. Shows like The Market Makers, Business Day, Investor’s Guide and Business Tonight all pursue some form information needed to trade in the Indian Stock Exchanges. The English speaking community interested in business and financial news find these dedicated programs a boon to chaperon their efforts in the stock market. While the stock market operates, tickers and bands play across ET Now displaying the latest rates in the major stock exchanges of India. Apart from financial news, there are several Dial-in shows where viewers call on-screen experts to get the advice of their opportunities with stock and mutual funds.

ET Noe Channel AdvertisementUnique Programs that Aid Trading

ET Now has developed some special programs to succour its viewers trading activities. While First Trade and Hot Stocks predict the day’s major playing stocks in the early hours of trading, as the stock exchanges reach a halt in the lunch hour another show Market @ Lunch takes over summarizing the day’s trading till then and giving out tips for the trading time left. Once the trading day draws to end, ET Now begins shows like Riding the Bull and Closing Trades which in general compares the daily graph of trading. Tomorrow’s Trades is another very popular program on this channel which is concerned with the next day’s major stocks.

The programs cover not just trade in stocks but commodities and precious metals too!

Engaging Viewers with Special Interests

ET Now also has programs that are concerned with the property market, cars & bikes, latest gizmos and advertising along with brand value. Property Guide, Capital View with Sagarika Ghosh, All About Stocks, Your Trades, Brand Equity are all specialised shows to cater to the niche audience needs. Swatantra – An Investor Education Initiative is an extraordinary program that helps rookie investors turn into pros. ET NOW has a band of shows that engages a variety of audiences with niche interests in the financial and business world. 

ET Now is the perfect platform to showcase your advertisements owing to its large yet niche viewership, unique and engaging programs and economical ad rates. To advertise in ET NOW Channel contact us today at 09830688443 or write to us at