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In today’s reality, it is compelling entertainment that the entire family can appreciate and tops the list of adult recrcinema-ad-goerseation activities – even beating mainstream activities as dining out, entertaining friends or relatives at home, and reading books. Movie buffs are hungry to dive into immersive interactions with the characters in the film world. Movie marketers are taking advantage into this enthusiastic brand devotion by creating explosive, innovative digital campaigns.

With the rising rivalry in the advertising world, there is a requirement for innovative solutions of silver screen advertising. The following are some innovative cinema advertising solutions:

On Screen Cinema Advertising: This shift to digital production systems has also led to the development of “digital pre-shows” which empower cinema advertising merchants to project advertisements in a consistent presentation of motion advertising and long-form, entertainment-based content.

  • Mute Slides – Even though this is the most straightforward strategy, it seeks the undivided attention of the audience, creating an impact in the relaxed atmosphere.
  • Slides with Audio – Though these are just pictures with audio, they can be utilized in an imprveas well. The advertiser can use a series of pictures with audio like a story to make the group of onlookers understand about their product. They ought to use a standard audio for their brand, one which is recognizable each time the viewers hear it.
  • Video Ads – This is knows an “narrow-casting” by the ad industry which permits advertisers to incorporate tv commercials or specially designed clips for the cinema. There are a series of ads, called a loop, of 20 minutes or less. The video ads are the most widely recognized path for organizations to showcase their product which means competition levels are high. For example, if an advertisement begins with a Censor Board certificate with a movie that released a decade ago like Lagaan, and then the next instant the screen shows “Shock laga kya?” with the Havells logo. These type of innovations will definitely make an impression on the viewers and make it a memorable ad.
  • 3D Ads – This type of advertising began recently to avoid the usual techniques. The realistic rendering makes a vital difference to the visual identification.

Things to keep in mind before advertising in cinemas:cinema-advertising-tips

  1. Location – You can efficiently target your consumers by region making your expense per thousand as productive as possible. The theatres that are most visited in the city should be targeted, but should additionally bolster the monetary allowance and product. While multiplexes should be used for big brands, single screen theatres make a difference for the lower level brands.
  2. Choose a particular movie – Nowadays, individuals have started to advertise in specific movies, which are expected to be blockbusters. The fate of a movie cannot be ensured just because of its A-list cast, but it assures a minimum grossing amount which gives an explanation behind brand managers to opt for certain movies. Advertisers should also use the low-budget movies to indulge a wide range of crowds. A brand should be advertised in at least six to eight movies a year to create an impact.

Cinema advertising is a proven image building tool which will enhance promotion of your product/service to a captive audience. The results achieved are stunning and it is the best approach to expand the profile of your business. releaseMyAd is the one stop advertising solution to fulfill all your advertising dreams, hassle free. We help you to place your ads efficiently to reach your target audience, and make it worth your navigation. We help you to advertise in theatres via slides with or without audio, as well as video ads.

You can book your cinema advertisement on screen by following 3 step simple process:

1)Visit ReleaseMyAd Cinema – Choose Location,Theatre, Ad type.

2)Select the Mall and Auditorium where you want your advertisement.

3)Compose Ad, Select Date and Make payments.

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