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Cinepolis is a Mexican chain of movie theaters and also stands as the fourth largest theatre in the world.It is India’s only international theatre operator with 44 years of operational expertise in running cinemas. It targets the young and affluent audience.

Cinepolis India constant endeavor is to reach the next level and offer cinema goers the most explicit end to end cinema experience. It has the efficacy to provide excellent marketing opportunity for youth targeted brands.It not only has a impressive market presence but also initiates the same level of popularity for its on-screen advertisers.

Onscreen Advertising Options in Cinepolis

  • It is present in more than 10 cities.
  •  It operates in India with 84 screens and 17600 seats.
  • Your On-Screen Cinema Ads are usually featured at the beginning and during intervals of  a movie.

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You can Advertise On-Screen in the following Ad formats:

Ads-in-Cinepolis[dropcap style=’circle’]A[/dropcap]10 SEC SLIDE(MUTE ):  It looks like traditional hoardings which is portrayed on the big screen for 10 seconds and is one of the most affordable means of advertising.You can make your audience focus only on the Visual Creativity portrayed in your ad to promote your brand with this unique way of big-screen Mute Advertising.

[dropcap style=’circle’]B[/dropcap]20 SEC SLIDE(WITH AUDIO ) : In 20 second Audio Slide, you can feature the visual creatives of your advertisement along with a relevant background score or a simple instrumental easily ensuring to grab the focus of the viewers. It is the best mode to convince your audience in just a few seconds. Cinema Advertising assists you in transforming your audiences to prospective buyers in just 20 seconds.


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 You can book your on-screen Slide Ads in the following locations:







*Cinepolis,Mumbai-Central Line





Cinepolis is one of the leading cinema exhibition network with great experience and extensive global presence.We help to feature your Ad on screen in Cinepolis with alluring ad creatives and full fledged expert assistance. You just book your Ad and we handle the rest of the process on your behalf and help you to get featured on the big screen conveniently and effectively. ReleaseMyAd makes advertising in Cinepolis easier for you.

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How to  advertise via Cinema Slides in Cinepolis ?

1) Visit our Cinepolis Advertisement Booking Page

2) Specify your city where you would like to advertise & select Cinepolis

3) Specify your Advertisement Type – 10 Second Mute Slide / 20 Second  Slide with Audio

4) Select the specific Mall & your choice of Auditorium(s)

5) Upload Your Ad Creative Or Alternatively let us develop them for you

6) Specify your Campaign Duration, Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment

 7) Receive Instant Confirmation for your Booked Space via Email + SMS Alerts

8) Your Ad goes live on your chosen Campaign Dates to start driving you business!


You can seek our experts advice by contacting us on 09830688443 or by forwarding your requirements on Our experts will get back to you at the earliest with the requisite theatre rates and ad creatives.You can visit our View Rates Page and can proceed to book your Cinema On Screen Ads.

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