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Big Cinema is a part of the renowned Reliance Group. All theatres of this cinema network are located at premium locations and symbolize excellence in design, ambience and service. Every Cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, so as to provide a moviegoer with a superior cinema viewing experience. It target upwardly mobile people youth with high disposable income constitute a substantial percentage of their patron profile.

Big Cinema focuses on ambitious consumers, who are looking for value for money. It provides customized and integrated marketing communication solutions to advertisers. Through this theatre, brands and marketers get millions of potential customers through captive audiences. Big Cinemas focus is to be as brand friendly as possible, without inconveniencing the consumers.

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Onscreen Advertising Options in Big Cinema

  • It is present in 13 states and across 54 locations in India

  • It is a network of more than 300 screens.

  • It has a footfall of over 35 million customers.

  • Your On-Screen Cinema Ads are usually featured at the beginning and during intervals of  a movie.


You can Advertise On-Screen in the following Ad formats:

Ads-in-Big-Cinema[dropcap style=’default’]A[/dropcap]10 SEC SLIDE(MUTE): These are traditional frames very much like display Ads, which are displayed on the screen for a duration of 10 seconds.The major benefit of mute slides is that it has low production cost and captures large audience attention with minimal chances of Ad avoidance. You can make your audience focus only on the visual creative and imbibe your brand in their mind.

[dropcap style=’default’]B[/dropcap]20 SEC SLIDE(WITH AUDIO): These are almost corresponding to mute slide Ads, but have integrated audio effects in it & are featured on the screen for a duration of 20 seconds. Your audio effect can be in the form of a jingle,voice over or an instrumental.This helps you to easily grab your audience attention by having a dramatic creative impact on the big screen.

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You can advertise on screen in Big Cinema in the following locations:

* Big Cinemas,Hyderabad

* Big Cinemas,Anantapur

* Big Cinemas,Tenali

* Big Cinemas,Tirupathi

* Big Cinemas,Vizianagaram

* Big Cinemas,Warangal

* Big Cinemas,Raipur

* Big Cinemas,Durg

* Big Cinemas,Central Delhi

* Big Cinemas,Ghaziabad

* Big Cinemas,Gurgaon

* Big Cinemas,Noida

* Big Cinemas,Ahmedabad

* Big Cinemas,Jamnagar

* Big Cinemas,Kutch

* Big Cinemas,Palanpur

* Big Cinemas,Patan

* Big Cinemas,Rajkot

* Big Cinemas,Vapi

* Big Cinemas,Jhajjar

* Big Cinemas,Belgaum

* Big Cinemas,Mangalore

* Big Cinemas,Indore

* Big Cinemas,Chindwara

* Big Cinemas,Khandwa

* Big Cinemas,Mumbai-South

* Big Cinemas,Mumbai-Harbour Line

* Big Cinemas,Mumbai-Western Line

* Big Cinemas,Mumbai-Central Line

* Big Cinemas,Aurangabad

* Big Cinemas,Nashik

* Big Cinemas,Pune

*Big Cinemas,Akola

*Big Cinemas,Parbhani

*Big Cinemas,Udgir

*Big Cinemas,Chandigarh

*Big Cinemas,Pathankot

*Big Cinemas,Udaipur

*Big Cinemas,Coimbatore

*Big Cinemas,Salem

*Big Cinemas,Kanpur

*Big Cinemas,Allahabad

*Big Cinemas,Amravati

*Big Cinemas,MadhavNagar

*Big Cinemas,Ludhiana

*Big Cinemas,Zirakpur

*Big Cinemas,Kota

*Big Cinemas,Dindigul

*Big Cinemas,Sivakasi

*Big Cinemas,Lucknow

*Big Cinemas,Meerut

*Big Cinemas,Nanded

*Big Cinemas,Sangli

*Big Cinemas,Chandrapur

*Big Cinemas,Bhathinda

*Big Cinemas,Agrasen Nagar

*Big Cinemas,Kishangarh

*Big Cinemas,Madurai

*Big Cinemas,Tanjavour

*Big Cinemas,Agra

*Big Cinemas,Mathura

*Big Cinemas,Naded

*Big Cinemas,Solapur

*Big Cinemas,Dhule

*Big Cinemas,Jalandhar

*Big Cinemas,Bikaner

*Big Cinemas,Chennai

*Big Cinemas,Pondicherry

*Big Cinemas,Vellore

*Big Cinemas,Aligarh

*Big Cinemas,Muzaffarnagar


Big Cinema is the largest cinema chain in India with the highest footfall count and with maximum potentiality of converting the receptive audience to potential customers.ReleaseMyAd helps you to be on the screen in this leading theatre with great creatives at the most affordable rate.You can visit our View Rates Page and can proceed to book your Cinema On Screen Ads.   We place your Ad in this theatre across India in all its cinema screens.

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How to  advertise via Cinema Slides in Big Cinema ?

1) Visit our Big Cinema Advertisement Booking Page

2) Specify your city where you would like to advertise & select Big Cinema

3) Specify your Advertisement Type – 10 Second Mute Slide / 20 Second  Slide with Audio

4) Select the specific Mall & your choice of Auditorium(s)

5) Upload Your Ad Creative Or Alternatively let us develop them for you

6) Specify your Campaign Duration, Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment

7) Receive Instant Confirmation for your Booked Space via Email + SMS Alerts

8) Your Ad goes live on your chosen Campaign Dates to start driving you business!


You can consult us by contacting us on 09830688443 or by sending us your requirements on jpaul@releasemyad.com. Our experts will get back to you at the earliest with the requisite theatre rates and ad creatives.

 Advertise your business on the big screen Today!