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PVR Cinemas is the largest and the most exceptional film entertainment Company across the country. It is also listed as the “Most Trusted Brand” in the League of Entertainment. It’s well distributed footprint is spread across all significant points on the cinema periphery  in India. It targets the urban sector of age group 15-55 years.

PVR Cinemas leadership in the cinema advertising sector is so profound that its total advertising sales equals the total advertising revenue of its competitors.It provides a holistic experience to its viewers and thereafter transforming them to potential customers for their advertisers. It is poised for a remarkable footfall of 70 million viewers.

Onscreen Advertising Options in PVR Cinemas

  • It has a massive market presence in 39 cities.

  • It is a network of 95 properties with 408 screens and growing.

  • Your On-Screen Cinema Ads are played minimum of three times a day per audi with the main movie either during the beginning or interval.

You can Advertise On-Screen in the following Ad formats:

Ads-in-PVR-Cinema[dropcap style=’circle’]A[/dropcap]10 SEC SLIDE (MUTE)  : These are traditional frames and are very much like print display Ads,which are featured on the screen for a duration of 10 secs.The major benefit of mute slides is its low budget requirement.You can grasp your relaxed audience focus  only on the visual creatives portrayed in your Ad.It is an ideal way to promote your brand and target your audience.

 [dropcap style=’circle’]B[/dropcap]20 SEC SLIDE (WITH AUDIO) : These are approximately similar, but have  audio effects incorporated & are featured on the screen for a duration of 20 secs.This helps you to easily grab your audience attention.It also helps you to have a dramatic creative impact on the big screen. It has very low Ad avoidance.

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PVR Cinemas is present in the following location:

*PVR Cinemas,Hyderabad

*PVR Cinemas,West Delhi

*PVR Cinemas,Ghaziabad

*PVR Cinemas,Ahmedabad

*PVR Cinemas,Ujjain

*PVR Cinemas,Pune

*PVR Cinemas,Bhubaneswar

*PVR Cinemas,Dehradun

*PVR Cinemas,Raipur

*PVR Cinemas,Delhi-NCR

*PVR Cinemas,Gurgaon

*PVR Cinemas,Bangalore

*PVR Cinemas,Nagpur

*PVR Cinemas,Nanded

*PVR Cinemas,Amritsar

*PVR Cinemas,Kolkata

*PVR Cinemas,Bilaspur

*PVR Cinemas,Central Delhi

*PVR Cinemas,Baroda

*PVR Cinemas,Cochin

*PVR Cinemas,Mumbai-Central Line

*PVR Cinemas,Wardha

*PVR Cinemas,Bhatinda

*PVR Cinemas,Faridabad

*PVR Cinemas,South Delhi

*PVR Cinemas,Surat

*PVR Cinemas,Indore

*PVR Cinemas,Mumbai-Western Line

*PVR Cinemas,Dhule

*PVR Cinemas,Sriganganagr


You can advertise in India’s leading Multiplex which engages more than 20 million viewers on their screen.ReleaseMyAd helps you to leverage this massive platform and to have maximum impact for your brand.You are just required to place your Ad and we would handle the entire Ad progression on your behalf and would help you attain your business goals successfully.You can also visit our View Rates Page and can proceed to book your Cinema On Screen Ads.

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How to  advertise via Cinema Slides in PVR Cinemas?

1) Visit our PVR Cinemas Advertisement Booking Page

2) Specify your city where you would like to advertise & select PVR Cinemas

3) Specify your Advertisement Type – 10 Second Mute Slide / 20 Second  Slide with Audio

4) Select the specific Mall & your choice of Auditorium(s)

5) Upload Your Ad Creative Or Alternatively let us develop them for you

6) Specify your Campaign Duration, Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment

7) Receive Instant Confirmation for your Booked Space via Email + SMS Alerts

8) Your Ad goes live on your chosen Campaign Dates to start driving you business!


You can contact us on the following number: 09830688443 . You may need to provide some details about your requirements and email it to us on Our experts will get back to you within 1 business day.

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