Want to advertise a Flat on Rent in Bangalore? Find out Which medium to Leverage!

To-Rent Ads In Bangalore
To-Let flat Adverts in Bangalore

Bangalore is a highly planned and well-constructed city with a lot of demand on the property front. It is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India wherein a large volume of people migrate every year for jobs, professional transfers, education, family etc. This contributes to the growing demand for property with hoards of students and job seekers moving in to the city for better career opportunities.

Students and job seekers who have recently joined a company cannot afford to purchase any kind of property in an otherwise expensive city like Bangalore. They usually seek resort in rented apartments or flats including paying guest accommodations. Landlords and tenants both seek help from mainly 3 sources, namely-

a)      Online Property Listings

b)      Property Brokers

c)       Newspaper Ads

Following the results derived from a research on about 700 to-rent advertisers, we came across several reasons why people choose each of the mediums and what are the disadvantages behind them.

Online Property Listings

Get Proper Returns for Your To-Rent Flats with Right Advertising

There has been an advent of a number of online portals consisting of property listings to help tenants find suitable flats or apartments and landlords advertise their To-Rent Flats. These listings are either really cheap or completely free which tend to attract a lot of attention. But they are not as much of reliable source as people consider it.

Problems with Online Property Listings

  • Online property listings are mostly limited to tech-savvy people limiting the responses of prospective tenants
  • Most tenants are often disappointed with the location, position or condition of the flat as they do not get what they expect based on the Internet listing or images
  • Online listings for to-rent flats leaves scope for inflated information about the property in question
  • It often ends up becoming a harassment for the landlord responding to or entertaining unnecessary and irrelevant visitors or callers

To-Rent Flat Brokers

Real Estate Brokers have become a common medium for many people interested in renting, buying or selling a property. They are quite easily available and people do not have to do any work as they take the entire trouble of seeking tenants or flats. But they too have certain disadvantages associated with them, as are listed below.

Property On Rent Ads in newspapers

Disadvantages of To-Rent Flat Brokers

  • Real Estates offline agents dig quite a big a hole in the pockets of both the landlord and the tenant, especially in an expensive city like Bangalore
  • They work on commission basis for both the tenant’s and the landlord’s side charging money from both parties

Newspaper To-Rent Ads

One of the oldest and simplest way to look for reliable tenants or a desired to-rent flat is Newspaper Advertising. It may seem to be a cumbersome process to visit publication houses or hire offline agents to get to-rent ads published. These drawbacks can be easily overcome today with other options which will follow after figuring out the reasons behind opting for Newspapers to advertise a to-rent flat.

Reasons to Choose Newspaper Advertising for To-rent Ads

  • Newspaper classified to-rent ads are an extremely cheap medium to look for a tenant in your own city Bangalore
  • To-rent classified advertisements are bound to get maximum relevant responses since these ads are published under a specific section where only interested tenants will look for
  • Another advantage of to-rent newspaper ads in Bangalore is that they are categorized based on their location in the city which helps the tenants to narrow down their choices according to the proximity of the flat to their college, school or office
  • In case of PG accommodations in a flat , you can specify the same clearly in the advertisement without disclosing the exact location and provide only your contact number to avoid unnecessary visits of tenants

Along with knowing about the benefits of advertising your flat for rent in newspapers, it is also imp

To-Rent Classified Ads in a Newspaper

ortant to know about the popular and most effective newspapers in which you should advertise. These newspapers include Times of India, Deccan Herald and DNA among English Newspapers and Udayavani and Prajavani among Kannada newspapers. But now you need not go to the newspaper office or hire an agent to book your ad.

All you need to do is to visit origin-of-newspaper-advertisingbook@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com or call us at 09830629298. You can even visit the To-Rent Ads FAQ section