Facing Issues with Selling your Property? Find out How to Solve the Problem of Getting Buyers

Newspaper Property Advertising at its Best
Property Ads in Newspaper

To sell something, one need not be a pro or a marketing and advertising expert. There are basic things that we need to sell for various reasons, one such thing is Property. The need for Property never diminishes in any part of the country. Due to the constant scope of growth in terms of finances and infrastructure, every city in India harbours a huge number of investors in Property.

Another reason for people to invest in property is the returns that can be derived from it. The price of each and every house, building, apartment or commercial space rises almost every month, making it an excellent option for making profit as well as using it as a source of Future Security. Therefore, as a property seller you need to figure out the best medium through which you can attain maximum buyers. There are mainly 3 options that are readily available for Property on Sale Ads

a)      Online Property Listing Sites

b)      Property Brokers

c)       Newspaper Property Ads

A short and simple research conducted on, about 1000 property advertisers helped us gain a lot of insights about the different modes through which people choose to advertise their property for sale.

You can yourself choose the preferred mode of advertising your Property after reviewing the benefits and shortcomings of each advertising medium.

Online Property Listings

Finding Property Buyers with Newspaper Advertising

In the fast-paced world of Internet, doing everything online seems to be the best way to get any kind of work done, including selling property. With numerous Property Dealing Sites online, people are increasingly turning to this cheap form of advertising. Not only is it economically viable but it is really fast-paced for most buyer seekers. But this form of property advertising also has certain disadvantages which can often become an issue for advertisers.

Issues faced due to Online Property Listings

  • In case of online property listings, your audience becomes limited to only the tech-savvy people comprising of people within the age-group of 18-40 years of age
  • The authenticity of the buyers who approach the property owners via online mediums is often questionable
  • Many potential buyers do not rely on online Property selling mediums even now in India since they consider it a hoax or simply unreliable which can contain fake or inflated information
  • Since there are too many online property listing sites that include To-rent along with Property Sale adverts it confuses the buyer and tenants as they find it difficult to differentiate between To-Let and on Sale properties
Advertising Property on Sale

Property Brokers

Most real estate buyers and sellers appoint Property Brokers for the sake of convenience and to avoid the hassle of searching for a property or a buyer all by themselves. This is because everyone intends to save on time and invest their efforts on more fruitful things like work, studies, business, family etc. But as much as it does save on a lot of time and energy, it also has certain shortcomings.

Shortcomings of Hiring a Property Broker

  • Most property brokers work on commission basis which is why their service charges are exorbitantly high making it an economically non-viable option
  • Another problem with brokers is that they are limited to specific areas and cannot get you buyers from anywhere beyond that locality that again limits your reach
  • Brokers not only charge the seller but also the buyers who are often dissuaded by such charges since they are anyway paying for purchasing the property

Newspaper Property Ads

Ensuring The Sale of Your Property

Newspaper Ads can be published in two different formats-classifieds and display ads, especially in case of property advertisements. Sale of property is the most common and frequent category of advertisements in Newspapers across India, irrespective of the language in which the newspaper is published. Most Real Estate dealers and commercial/residential property builders engage in newspaper advertising since the beginning of print advertising in India. There are several reasons behind choosing newspapers as the most common medium for Property advertising, as are listed below:

The Perks of Newspaper Property Advertising

  • Newspapers enable reaching out to diverse population since they are published in different languages widening your chances for reaching out to maximum buyers at once
  • Property for Sale Ads in newspapers are published under a specific section of the preferred daily in case of classified ads which makes it easier for buyers to locate and seek out relevant property ads
  • For real estate advertisers launching or promoting their projects, display newspaper ads provide the scope of grabbing a lot of attention of the readers with creative designs and content
  • Newspapers have a wider yet focussed reach than any other medium of Property advertising making it easier for advertisers to target relevant audiences

Many people may feel that getting a newspaper ad released in any newspaper may be a cumbersome and problematic process. But not anymore as origin-of-newspaper-advertisingbook@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com. You can even contact us via our online chat facility or call us on 09830629298.