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ads-in-inflight-magazine“It’s only when you are flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth is.” To enrich this very experience, in-flight magazines are provided by airlines to the commuters. It makes travelling a pleasure and takes out the boredom from a long flight.In-flight magazines generally cover a wide range of topics from travel and tourism, lifestyle, art and culture, general information about an airlines fleet, destination etc. A healthy amalgamation of topics keeps the fliers engaged and entertained. It caters to the needs and demands of the fliers and appeals to their tastes. Magazine reading not only stimulates the mind but also reduces stress. The articles increase our knowledge of a particular topic and help us in expanding our horizons. Different airlines have their own in-flight magazines to reach out to its commuters, each with its own unique content. Many a times these magazines are a reflection of the corporate identity of their respective airlines.

  • Hello 6E is the monthly in-flight magazine of IndiGo Airlines featuring general content and also information on on-board menu and flight information. The magazine has few pages and offers a range of diverse topics to read from.
  • The monthly in-flight magazine of GoAir, Go-Getter caters to the commuters of the affordable airline. Carrying more than 75 lakh passengers every year, it manages to reach out to a huge audience. The magazine focuses on subjects like travel, sports and business, lifestyle and entertainment, food and hospitality.
  • The in-flight monthly magazine of Jet Airways, Jet wings churns out articles that cover a wide dimension of themes. Its subject is not only focused on travel but also stretches to food, music, cinema, art and also highlights culture and traditions of different parts of the world.
  • The exclusive monthly bi-lingual of Air India, Shubh Yatra acts as a bond between the airlines and its passengers. The magazine presents a heady mixture of Indian culture with global trends.
  • The monthly in-flight magazine of low cost carrier Spice Jet Airways, Spiceroute brings to the table a diverse set of topics. It is one of the most widely read and highly appreciated in-flight magazines.

The market captured by in-flight magazines is very niche that reaches out to the affluent class including businessmen and entrepreneurs, tourist, professionals, decision makers and other frequent fliers. Advertising in these magazines is highly beneficial and is seen to be a successful medium. The articles are well thought, analytical and highly opinionated. As the CPM is very low, in-flight magazine is the best way to reach the HNI segment. As the amount of ads is less in these magazines, there is almost zero chance of ad cluttering. This renders high visibility to your brand and increases business.

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