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An important aspect of any person’s life is leisure. While most people experience varying degrees of the need to spend leisure time, it is true that we all need some relaxation, some sort of break. The reason why people need to relax and clear their heads at least once a day is because, just like the body, our minds need to rest, too. A considerably large portion of people believe that an ideal way to pass time while relaxing is to read a book, take up a simple hobby, engage in activities such as cooking, knitting, or woodworking.Ads on Women's Era Magazine

Women’s Era is a magazine that many women consider to be the ideal way to while away leisure time. Women’s Era is published by Delhi Press, a leading publishing house. Women’s Era focuses on numerous elements which have some sort of universal appeal for most women,  such as short stories, puzzles and riddles, beauty, and recipes. Several readers house a special affection for Women’s Era because they tend not to focus exclusively on the ultra-modern, in terms of both outlook and targeted customers, instead targeting the common Indian woman.

Women’s Era has managed to carve out a rather impressive niche audience, targeting the working class woman. They are known to have a circulation of close to 1,70,000 copies per edition, and a readership of approximately 4,50,000. The high circulation rates, as well as the trust and familiarity that the readers share with the magazine, makes it a great choice as an advertising platform. Women’s Era is a highly sought after advertising platform.

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