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Magazines are everywhere. You can find magazines on your bedside table, at your doctor’s clinic, at your hairdressers’ and at the airport. Magazines, due to their periodic publication and the overall presentation are known to have a greater shelf life than most other representatives of print journalism. Among the most widespread varieties of magazines today in India are fashion magazines. There are numerous fashion and lifestyle magazines available in the market today, but not many can match the sheer utility and editorial quality of Style Speak.Style-Speak -Magazine

Style Speak is a monthly periodical, and is the source of a wealth of information that justifies their claim to be “…the reader’s personal stylist”. The magazine offers its readers a valuable insight into the Indian fashion scenario, with the content largely focussed on fashion, trends, techniques and launches.  Readers of this magazine are also up to date on global fashion trends as well, as the magazine takes special initiative and interest in the latest fashion trends around the globe.

Style Speak enjoys a healthy circulation of 40000, but boasts of a staggering readership of 400000 individuals. Running since 2002, this magazine has enjoyed more than a decade of success, and continues their strong run half-way into their second decade. Throughout this decade and beyond, Style Speak has enjoyed the attention of numerous advertisers who chose to make this magazine their advertising platform. With an enormous reader base, it’s no wonder that Style Speak enjoyed huge success as an advertising platform too.

So what does it take to get your ad to be featured in this magazine? To be honest, it takes no more than 5 minutes of your time. With the help of magazine advertising, releaseMyAd, who have facilitated online booking, the booking process in as uncomplicated as can be. The process has been described below:

  • You can advertise in the opening page, on the back cover, inside the front or back covers, or anywhere else you choose to. In the first step, choose where you would like your ad to be shown.
  • Provide us with your business details like e-mail id, business sector and phone number.
  • Select the size of your advertisement, from a choice of half page, full page, strip or double strip.
  • Upload your ad image creative. If you do not possess the resources to get it done, we can do it for you.
  • Select dates for the campaign.
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline payment options.

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