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After making a huge dent in the internet shopping scenario, Indian company took upon a new challenge with The Juice, a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Aimed primarily at the younger sections of society, Juice incorporates elements of pop culture, travel, fashion, trends and beauty. Designed to act like a handbook for youngsters, this magazine fulfills its purpose by sharing with readers facts about sub-cultures such as surfboarding and river rafting, while also listing tips on how to get internships.The Juice Magazine

The Juice Magazine also comes in an attractive, book shaped format, and uses high quality matte paper, in an attempt to make it more reader friendly. The editors of the magazine have also stressed on quality of content, in order to make sure their magazine enjoys a higher shelf life than most other magazines. While this is an excellent initiative by Jabong, showing us that they really want to make an impact, this also translates to an excellent opportunity for advertisers.

Launched in 2014, The Juice has already located its target audience in high schoolers, college goers and young working professionals. This is also great news for advertisers who have defined their focus group similarly. Magazines have largely been recognized as a potent advertising vehicle, and The Juice is right up there among the top magazines.

One might think that since advertising on magazines is such a great opportunity, it must cost a fortune to advertise in magazines, and it must be a real hassle to book your ads on this platform. Fortunately for you, that is not the case, as advertising The Juice is great value for money, and booking an ad on this network is exceedingly simple. Thanks to magazine advertising agency, releaseMyAd, booking your magazine ads on The Juice takes no more than 5 minutes of your time. The booking process has been encapsulated below:

  • Choose which segment of The Juice you would want your advertisement to be printed
  • Choose the ad size from a choice of full page, half page, strip, double strip etc.
  • Provide us with your business details
  • Provide us with your ad creative. In case you do not have an ad creative designed, you can ask us to do it for you.
  • Select which month’s edition you would want to advertise in
  • Clear payment

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