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book-ads-in-gq-via-releasemyadFashion, trend, clothes, accessories, brands, retail chains along with beauty and lifestyle tips- these are the basic and the most read content among magazines. Most Magazine readers are into fashion magazines and provide a massive market for magazine subscriptions and advertisers.

Fashion Magazines create an opportunity for advertisers to promote several articles related to fashion for today’s metropolitan shoppers. Advertising in Fashion Magazines naturally caters to your target audience and we at ReleaseMyAd enable you to book your ad space at the best possible prices across all Fashion Magazines in India.

Since popular fashion magazines have a niche audience who look forward to tips, articles and upcoming brands in the market who also like to know what’s hot with the celebrities and what not, your advertisement caters to direct purchasers. So making your presence felt among your direct target audience is the best way to attract maximum prospects.

publish-ads-in-elle-instanlyFollowing are 6 of the best Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines circulated across India tied up with releaseMyAd to assist you in booking your ad space:

GQOtherwise known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly, GQ is one of the top most men’s’ fashion magazine with a readership of 30,000 copies per month and has a market share of almost 79% of its total circulation in India. It provides a great platform for advertising men’s accessories, clothing lines as well as men’s skin care products and more. It has been into advertising men’s fashion retail brands since 1931 and has emerged as one of the most successful men’s Fashion Magazine across the world, published on a quarterly basis.


ElleElle, originally published in France, is a women’s fashion magazine launched in 1996 in India. Prior to Elle, women’s magazines catered to only women rather than concentrating on a particular segment. Elle, introduced itself in India to simply cater to the independent and fashion conscious metro women, who possessed a substantial purchasing power of their own. Elle concentrates on publishing more of local content than international content and brand promotions.  Circulated on a monthly basis, Elle has a monthly readership of approximately 85,000 copies.

The ManThis is another one of the specialised men’s magazine, catering to the typical urban male interested in gadgets, automobiles , travel, adventures and of course fashion. So if you think you have a product exclusively for men, then The Man is the best platform for you to brandish your name. Attract maximum prospective customers, who have the highest purchasing power across several parts of India. A magazine publication by Malayala Manorama, The Man is a Monthly magazine with an approximate readership of 50,000 copies per month.

release-ads-in-vogue-onlineVogueLaunched in India in October 2007 Vogue is one of the few Indian magazines which is completely owned by a foreign organisation covering topics such as women’s fashion and lifestyle. Most celebrities consider it as an important milestone of their career to have featured on the Cover page of Vogue.  Everything in hip and in “vogue” is featured in Vogue, providing the best platform for fashion brands advertising. You can promote fashion accessories, showrooms, product launches and everything related to fashion trends existing ‘under the sun’ reaching out to almost 52,000 monthly subscribers across India 

CosmopolitanCosmopolitan is one of the oldest international magazines targeted at the career oriented, independent female population. It has not only the highest circulation internationally but also across India, especially among the earning women who possess the power to purchase whenever and whatever they want. Launched in 1886 in the US as a family magazine, Cosmopolitan ended up being a female fashion and lifestyle magazine with a circulation of almost 200 million across 100 countries which includes India as well

ads-in-harper's-bazaar-and-cosmopolitan-at-rma-magazinesHarper’s BazaarA female fashion magazine that introduces ‘elegance’ into the wardrobe of most upper middle class and upper class women. This section of women hold the maximum purchasing power across all the sectors of India and by catering to this section of the population, Harper’s Bazaar has proved its uniqueness among several other women’s fashion magazine. Harper’s Bazaar was launched in 2009 in India and is published by the India Today Group on a monthly basis. It has attained a circulation of almost 8 million copies across the world, with its first issue releases worldwide in 1867.

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