10 Best Creative Advertising Ideas for Your Newspaper Ads

Creative Ideas for Newspaper Advertising

Creativity is something which cannot be measured and is also quite subjective. If A likes your work, it’s not necessary that B will like it too. Where creativity is concerned there will always be difference of opinion, but there are certain basic tips that can make your ad appear more creative and at the same time effective to the target audience.

Here we specifically intend to target the newspaper advertisers who intend to get more and more creative with their advertisement to attract maximum attention of the audiences. The main purpose of advertising is to grab the attention of as many readers as possible, be it with creativity, be it with the offers specified in the advertisement. So while advertising in a newspaper, ensure that the following things are implemented in your ad.

10 Best Creative Advertising Ideas for Newspaper ads

Let’s first make one thing clear-Creative ads in case of Newspapers are primarily applicable to Display advertisements since they offer the scope and space for creativity and implementing creativity. But, there are various ways in which you can promote your brand name with affordable advertising ideas.

Visually Attractive Print Ads for Newspapers
  1. Creative ads primarily demand an attractive image to draw immediate attention, so implement one in accordance to your ad’s theme
  2. Newspaper print ads often prompt the redesigning of company logos, so try to use different versions of your permanent logo such as the use of different colour schemes with the same colour theme of the logo

For Instance, if there are 3 colours in the logo of your brand, say green, white and blue. Then play with these colours such as juggling the background and the letters or symbols from green, white and blue to blue, green and white or white, green and blue and all other possible permutations and combinations

Playing with Logos like Apple
  1. Make use of simple and concise taglines and not “draglines”, keep your message short and sweet without making the ad too full of unnecessary content
  2. Always keep space for providing contact details with an address of the store or office headquarter or company address
  3. Try and place your advertisement at a strategic but unique position in the newspaper page of your choice so that it gets noticed and appreciated at the same time.

For Instance, choose a flip page for a vertically half page ad or a right hand side lower corner for better and assured visibility or simply design a full page ad so that only you are visible.

A Half page Flip ad in A Newspaper
  1. Use of info-graphics to make a statement in the world of creative print advertisements

For Example, in case you are trying to promote a political party or highlight a social cause, then you can make use of info-graphics with snippets of information about the work done by the political party or the effect that lack of social awareness about a certain issue is causing. Then you can go on to making graphs and charts on how the new political party can contribute to the improvement of the society or certain steps can make people more conscious of their social responsibilities.

A Political Infographic useful as a Newspaper Ad
  1. Brand rivalry is a very common thing in advertising and can be an excellent way to grab attention. So take a dig at your opponent to get that extra attention for your brand name and make sure you excel

    Digging at rivals with advertising
  2. Advertisements must be able to affect a reader’s emotions or at least be relatable for the common person. Creativity beyond an audience’s comprehension is of no use to anyone because the more relatable the message or theme of the ad, the higher are the chances of the audience opting for your brand

    Ads appeasing human emotions
  3. Even as you try to be creative with your ads, do not forget to get your message across and highlight the fact that how your brand can overcome a possible issue

For instance if you intend to promote an English Speaking Crash course institute, then you need to highlight the problem through your ad with minimum use of content and then provide the institute as a solution for this problem, as has been done by the Brighton Language School in their ad.

Solving Problems with Advertising
  1. Last but not the least, if your brand is local or you intend to promote yourself locally then implement local advertising ideas

By this, we mean, incorporating local references of incidents or places, for instance, you know there is a dust storm coming in and you intend to promote a product that washes of dirt from clothes, then simply make a reference to the storm and present your detergent as a deterrent for dirt accumulation. An example of this is well defined by an advertisement by OMO detergent powder.

Creative Application of Local Advertising Ideas

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