Why should you promote your Business through Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper Advertising for Businesses
Business Classified Ads

Businesses are of different types-Micro, small, medium and large. This has led to the coining of phrases such as SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and MNCs (Multi-National Companies). Now each of these business setups have different advertising needs and more importantly ‘advertising budgets’.

Depending on the budget of an advertiser, the medium of advertisement is selected since that’s what entitles to the main share of the assigned budget. Therefore, prior to determining the ad budget, you must determine the advertising medium.

Now, one thing must be ensured that depending on the type of Business, you must choose the medium.

For instance, if you have just started out with your business and are new in the city or the sector, then you must begin by choosing newspapers as the preferred medium. Newspapers, time and again, have proved themselves to be the best form of advertising for small business since there are several ad formats available for different ad budgets.

What makes newspapers out rightly special as an advertising medium is that it is ideal for those who have massive advertising budgets along with those who have a very limited budget.

Let’s evaluate how newspaper advertising helps businesses of different sizes achieve their goals effectively:

Small & Medium Businesses Large Businesses & MNCs
Pocket-friendly for SMEs and MSMEs Display ads are the perfect way to get noticed for Large Businesses and MNCs
Helps create brand awareness without overspending Best way to communicate Tender quotations
2 different classified ad formats are available Choice of page available for Display advertising
Classified ads can be published in English, Hindi or regional languages Big budget ads can be printed in different languages
SMEs can control their budget by choosing the right newspaper Additional payment can be made for creative modifications in display ads


The points made in respect to MSMEs, SMEs, Large Businesses and MNCs are evaluated in details below for a better comprehension of the effect of newspaper advertising on Businesses.

What are the various ways in which Newspaper Advertising can benefit Businesses?

Reach out to the Right audiences with Newspaper Business ads
  • Businesses can start with the most trustworthy medium of advertising which will in turn ensure the trust of the reader as well in the advertiser
  • It is one of the most economical advertising mediums for low-budget business promotions/offers/proposals and the best way to advertise a small business
  • Business advertisers stand a high chance of gaining maximum prominence and eyeballs with display ads
  • Business tender ads can be communicated or quoted conveniently and effectively to the right audience with display ads
  • Advertisers can choose between regional language, Hindi and English dailies giving them a more specific range of accessing a specific set of audience
  • Business can choose between classified text, classified display and display ad formats as per the budget set aside by the advertiser
  • Even big-budget ads can be printed in different languages as per the language of the selected newspaper
  • Advertisers can keep a check on their budget by first choosing to advertise through regional dailies as they have lower ad rates
  • Entrepreneurs can modify, add, subtract or divide their budget as per their convenience and the services of the creative work necessary for the ad
  • One huge advantage of newspaper display ads is that they can be published on the preferred page of the advertiser, which can be the Front/Third/Last/any page with an extra premium applicable on the first 3 options as it ensures more prominence
Capture your audiences with Newspaper Business Ads
Capture your audiences with Newspaper Business Ads

So, choose the preferred region and check out the best newspaper with the help of our Online Newspaper Decider, check out the circulation details of the newspaper, review the rates and select a suitable newspaper and proceed with your ad booking.

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