Advertising with Hindustan Times-A Boon or a Curse!!


ht-matrimonial-adsHindustan Times is one of the most popular English newspapers of India which was established in the year 1924 and is currently owned by a renowned Rajya Sabha member of the Parliament. Such ownership only adds to the credibility of already popular newspaper. The newspaper belongs to the HT Media flagship and has been declared as one of the most widely read newspapers across the entire country.

Hindustan Times has been in the list of top English newspapers since the past decade and has grown to a daily average circulation of 12.3 lacs according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations and a massive readership of 37.67 lacs as per the IRS (Indian Readership Survey). Along with having such huge circulation and readership figures, the newspaper also has a very good reputation for providing quality content for newspaper readers. The language as well as the news content is to-the-point and flawless. The newspaper provides an enjoyable read for all subscribers. This too adds to the reputation and credibility of the newspaper.

Such a reputation attracts a lot of advertisers and consumers as it adds to the advertiser’s brand value and induces more faith in the product or service advertised. Also it increases the possibility of getting responses from relevant customers.

HT has acquired the top-most rank in terms of circulation and readership across the Indian capital. The publication has taken over the market by not only becoming the first preference of newspaper readers but has also gained the trust of advertisers across categories. Delhi/NCR has recorded a readership of 22.65 lac of HT, of which 16.39 lac readers are recorded in Delhi alone.

Hindustan Times has also acquired the No. 1 English Newspaper position across Uttar Pradesh ad Bihar.  The cities covered under these states are Lucknow in UP and Patna & Ranchi in Bihar. Apart from these it is also the second most widely read English newspaper in Mumbai and Kolkata. The other regions covered by HT are Bhopal, Chandigarh and Jaipur.

The publication has created a niche bandeau of Matrimonial advertisers across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). HT Delhi has the maximum number of matrimonial advertisers who have more often than not received relevant responses and ended up with some of the best matrimonial

Apart from matrimony, retail, recruitment, property and, even business ads put in a lot of faith in advertising in Hindustan Times in order to add value to their brand. HT has also dedicated special supplements for these specific categories for Display Advertisers. The pullouts for the respective categories are listed below:

  • HT Shine: This particular supplement is dedicated to all Recruitment Advertisers. Since supplements allow advertisers to publish mainly display ads, it is essential to know that such ads are charged based on the size of the ad which is measured in terms of per Along with this even classified recruitment advertisers are provided a separate pullout for only classified advertising, known as HT Shine Jobs. This whole pack is released every Wednesday along with the main newspaper
  • HT Estates: HT Estates is a specific pullout for Classified Property Advertisers which also enables you to publish Display Ads which are priced based on the space occupied by the advert in a particular page
  • HT Café & HT City : Both these pullouts are released every day along with the main newspaper and are the best advertising options for Retail advertisers. It has a lot of scope for promoting & launching retail stores, products and conducting full-fledged retail ad campaigns. They are also apt for all Business Promotional initiatives by display advertisers

ht-classified-&-display-property-adsIn addition to these display Ad pullouts, HT Classifieds is published every day for all classified advertisers of different categories. Even for Obituary advertisers, advertisers can release the ad under the Classified Display Ad Type. These ads are also measured in terms of their size but the width is usually limited to 1, 2 or 3 columns in the newspaper page. You can even upload images and add your own personal messages and decorate these display classified ads at a much lower price than General Display Advertisements. The only difference between these 2 ad types is that Display ads can be published in a preferred page, while CD ads are published only in the classified section.

After such detailed scrutiny of all the elements of Hindustan Times as an advertising platform, it can be successfully established that advertising in Hindustan Times is most definitely a viable option for all kinds of advertisers. or You can also call us at 09830629298 and our representatives shall be glad to assist your ad booking process, in your preferred newspaper.

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