Choose India’s most Sensational Magazine to Place Your Ads, The Tehelka


Stories of fraudulence, official venality, conspiracy theories, etc. are commonly heard in India. In the year 2000, Tarun J Tejpal, from the Outlook, and Aniruddha Bahal set up a website, for investigative journalism called Tehelka. All it took was $750,000 and 15 dedicated journalists for people from all over India to applaud them for their work. Their success included stories of exposing cricketers involved in match fixing, hidden cameras, whiskey parties, weapon deals, etc. These two journalists posed to be middlemen, taking bribes from politicians and army officers, to catch them red handed.Tehelka Magazine

With the high number of people involved in criminality and law breaking activities, several brave Indians have supported the Tehelka in several ways. One of their major assistance lies financially, since investigative journalism is a very expensive business. Tehelka needed investigative funds to unveil the harsh truth by using its unorthodox journalism techniques. People have been contributing in the funding, and the money will be converted in the form of shares.

India being a nation with a painfully slow justice system, the victims of defamation have slim hopes of any redress. This is why news critics say that it is the moral duty of news channels to be responsible while carrying out a sting operating, big or small. Tehelka used “sting journalism” which made it get full support from the press and public, giving it distinctive brand image from the country’s mainstream media. Situated in the Indian capital New Delhi, Tehelka launched its magazine in 2007, which gives complete justice to its name, by giving the most “sensational” news.

Tarun Tejpal, the founder of Tehelka, made this magazine the pioneer of sting journalism in India. This made Tehelka popular among the public in the blink of an eye. Being published in English as well as Hindi, it reaches out to the maximum population of India with a readership of 10,51,500 and circulation of 3,50,500. It appeals to almost everyone in the society, young professionals, adults, student groups, youth, etc., as it brings out the truth like no other form of media. This makes it a perfect place to publish display ads for your company.

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