India Today, the magazine that morphed Indian Journalism


India Today is the pioneer of investigative journalism in India. Launched in 1975, amidst the political unrest of the Emergency period in India, this magazine was the voice of the inflicted Indians.

Within two years of its launch, India Today gained the status of the ‘Thought-leader publication’. What had begun as a just a news magazine was now the helm that led investigative journalism in India. The magazine was the first among all Indian publications to send reporters across borders to capture the happenings in person. A magazine that was envisioned as a fortnightly affair converted to a weekly publication gala that began drawing millions of readers. India Today reported on stories left untouched by the then mass media like environment, health, fitness, relationships, etc. India Today is also credited with pioneering the ‘opinion poll’ in India. India Today Magazine Ads

At last count, India Today enjoyed a weekly circulation of 1.1million and readership of 15 million.

With the increase in the magazine’s popularity, India Today magazine launched 4 new editions in local Indian languages. Now, India Today is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam apart from English. This has increased the readership and circulation of the magazine.These four new regional language editions ensure to take the India Today magazine beyond the English-speaking Indians. A favourite with students increasing their current affairs knowledge, India Today still rules the roost in the Current Affairs magazine market. It also serves as a great advertising platform for any brand.

Advertisers looking to reach Indian men in the 15 to 45 age group find promotions on India Today magazine especially helpful. India Today allows you to take your brand to every corner of India. Also, these new editions allow advertisers to have more localised advertising based on geographical and lingual targeting. This allows for crispier ad campaigns that lead to specific targeting resulting in better ROI.

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