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The Gentleman’s game, Cricket is regarded as much more than a sport in India. There is even a popular phrase that is frequently used to show the importance and value of this sport in the lives of our people, “Cricket is my religion…”. By far the most popular sport in India, it makes sense when people give it such significance; After all, Cricket is a force that manages to culminate the same feelings from a country of people of exceptional diversity.

Cricket Today MagazineThe individuals who play the sport are also perceived in a different light than other sportsmen; their words become everlasting quotes, their actions on and off the pith become symbols, and their conquests become our conquests. Who would like to know more about cricketers? They are the ones who sweat it out on an international battleground of skill, stamina and intelligence, and bring home accolades that make our country proud. A handbook called Cricket Today gives us a great insight into the lives and activities of these gallant sportsmen.

A magazine that is issued once every month, Cricket Today is an absolute necessity for the cricket-crazy, with the latest sports news, exclusive interviews and match analyses. With more than 130000 issues printed per month, an average of at least 3 people are known to scan this magazine top to bottom, racking up a whopping 400000 readers (approximately). As a result of these astonishing numbers, and the universal love of cricket in India that knows no barriers of age, gender, beliefs or status, a multitude of advertisers wish to employ this popular advertising vehicle to further the popularity of their brands.

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