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ReleaseMyAd Magazine strives to help you advertise and promote your brand name in your favourite magazine based on your products or services. If you need to advertise your new sports equipments showroom or promote the launch of your sports gears shop, releaseMyAd provides you with the latest and most trendy advertising media of today-Sports Magazines.

Sports Magazines are not just limited to advertising sports related products or services but also indulges in advertising for automobiles, gadgets and other men’s products too. To get a better and wider picture of different sports related magazines for advertising and reaching out to your target audience, please take a look at the top 3 sports magazines of India:

Cricket Today: Owned by the Diamond Magazines Group, this magazine has been ruling the domain of Cricket Info and news updates for the past decade. Cricket Today is the best and most favourite magazines of all cricket enthusiasts, critics, professionals and even aspiring cricketers. The magazine reaches out to an outstanding audience of almost 23, 44,000 with a monthly circulation of 1,30,000 featuring news, interview of cricket and sports celebrities and also their lifestyle. The magazine stands out from other sports magazines in India as it is exclusively dedicated to the world of Cricket and as most people say “Cricket is a religion in India”.

advertise-in-golf-digest-IndiaGolf Digest:
India has recently developed a fad for Golf. The game appeals greatly to the upper and moneyed classes of India. The magazine Golf Digest reaches out to a wide number of Golf enthusiasts, aspiring golfers, professionals and golf critics well. This magazine is an ideal read for both beginners and occasional golfers with tips and articles in the game and how to play it best are quite helpful. The magazine featuring interviews and insights on the game from renowned golfers has a monthly circulation of almost 40,000 copies per issue and a worldwide readership of almost 1.7 million.

Sports Illustrated India: One of the most famous sports magazines across the world is the Sports Illustrated magazine. This magazine was launched in India by Media Transasia to reach out and communicate with millions of sports fanatics residing in India. Sports Illustrated India is dedicated all different types of sports played across India and the world, covering all the aspects of Sports including celebrities and expert insights about the different games from respective fields. With an Indian readership of almost 7,00,000 and global readership of 23 million, the magazine has attained a monthly circulation of almost 1,22,000 in India.

Advertising your brand through these magazines is the most preferred way of promoting name with and reaching out to your target audience within your budget. You can book your magazine ads in just 3 simple steps with releaseMyAd Magazine, instantly online. For the best Sports Magazine quotes and prices, you can visit  or simply email your queries to You can also call us at 09836068426.