Develop a Strong Radio Script to Make an Ad Campaign Successful


What goes around comes around”. This is an old adage that has proved itself true in case of radio. There was a time when radio was one of the most convenient mediums of entertainment. But it lost its importance with the passage of time.

Once again, however, radio has emerged as one of the best mediums for entertaining people with utmost reach and targetability. Besides being a sound medium for fun and amusement, radio has also emerged as an advertising medium with maximum effectiveness. In short, radio has gained its charm once again. Advertisements are nowadays preferred to be put on radios rather on television or print. This is because of the reach of the medium irrespective of the location of listeners and other factors.

When an ad gets displayed on television and newspapers or magazines, it has words and real visibility, whereas in radios, only words are there, which provide virtual visibility to the products and services being advertised. To be more precise, it is words that do wonders in Radio Advertising. Thus, the radio scripts that are prepared need full devotion and concentration. For writers, radio is the platform to show off their creative talent by developing extraordinary radio scripts for the advertisers that could have the capacity to yield productive results.


If you are a writer engaged in writing scripts for Radio advertising, here are certain tips to make your write up catchy and entertaining with a bit element of humour:

Keep in mind the length of the commercial before writing the script for Radio Advertising
Considering the length of a radio commercial is the most important thing. This is because your write-up needs to be frames as per the time for which a particular ad will last. If it is a 15 second commercial, you can have a script with 4 typed lines, if the ad is for 30 seconds, 7-8 typed lines of scrip will be sufficient and if it is a 60 second ad, 12-14 typed lines will do the tricks.

Plan your write-up while preparing your Radio Advert Script
As soon as you get a task of developing a script for a radio commercial, you need to jot down all the important points first. This will give you an overall idea about the pints you need to focus on in your script. Choose the terms that make your ad script unique. Prefer a natural flow in your script as this will ensure better understanding of the adverts on the part of the listeners.

Make your Opening Statement striking
The first few words determine whether your ad will grasp the attention of the listeners. Thus, it is expected that you keep the Opening Statement of your radio ad script strong and impressive. If your first few words successfully grabs the attention of the listeners, you advert is likely to yield productive results.

Your Ad Script must be able to Crack Deals
Script a radio ad in such a way that it could increase the level of curiosity among the customers. This will lead them to contacting the companies directly, thereby proving the efficiency of the radio ad content. This makes it mandatory for you to use the name of the company offering the products and services in your script. For an ad spanning 15 seconds, you can use the name of the company a minimum of two times, for a commercial of 30 seconds, it can be used thrice and for a 60 seconds commercial, using the name four time is sufficient.

Keep in mind the above parameters and then frame content. It will surely yield good results, thereby making your creative efforts successful.