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Inherently, most young children have a hard time grasping the various social constructs that we as adults are acquainted to. However, kids are fast learners, and when their imagination is engaged, they tend to be more receptive to new ideals and norms than when not. This is why story books with numerous illustrations and a strong allegorical element can often be more effective in teaching them morality than just instructing them on how to behave. In India, the most popular and highest selling children’s magazine, Devputra, aims to do precisely that.

Devputra, roughly translates to “son of the Gods”, is an Indian magazine that targets young children and contains a handful of allegorical fables, stories about fantastical places with mythical beings and talking animals. These stories are accompanied by vibrant illustrations and are aimed to teach the readers some moral lesson. As a result of their content, this periodical is now a prescribed textbook in various junior schools in Maharashtra. Apart from stories, Devputra also contains puzzles, quizzes and various enriching facts about sports and culture.Devputra-Magazine

Devputra enjoys a circulation of 371500 copies per month, and is read by at least 1000000 Indian children. As a result, the magazine is a potentially powerful advertising vehicle. Magazine ads generally get a better response than newspaper ads, thanks to a number of factors, such as magazines using better quality paper, and magazines enjoying a higher shelf life.

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