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Advertising will dependably remain the most significant source of revenue, which is the reason for its great demand. With the rapidly evolving world, companies have to shield itself from an unfavourable impact by contemplating on new avenues of revenue generation. This can be done by placing emphasis on online advertising activities. With the augmenting digital advertising, it is replacing print and other traditional methods, since more readers are opting to read online., originating from the parent family of the Indian Express, it is a highly efficient and is the most popular Marathi online news portal in India. Even after being a regional e-paper, it has an Alexa rank of 2291 amongst the millions of websites in India. With the 14 million monthly page views, it shows how people of all sectors avail of this website. It aims at news and information related to politics, industry, economy, current affairs, health, technology, etc.

releaseMyAd, India’s leading advertising agency, helps you to place ads in efficiently. releaseMyAd says that the best part about placing your ads online is about the scale and creating a funnel report for your ads. Not only is the amount of traffic visible to the promoters, but the number of clicks converted into a genuine lead, a purchase or even a long term subscriber can be seen. This type of online tracking is critical as it shows what type of ads prefer to see and which ads the public ignores blatantly. Since online advertising is flexible, the ads can be changed after seeing the response from the intended interest group.

We not only help you to track your commercial, but we also do your media planning, buying and creative for the campaign. These three are essentail tools for a successful ad. releaseMyAd helps you to formulate the best strategies according to the target crowd and advertising budget, to make the best out of the ad without any wastage of resources.

Apart from offering the obvious choice of businesses, Google Adwords, releaseMyAd offers guaranteed display advertising. These ads can be chosen on your choice of website with your favourable date, time and frequency. Availing of other agencies will not allow you to do that, and booking directly from the website makes your ad cost increase a lot. Consumers can sit at home and book their ads, without even appearing for the bidding. The two types of ads offered in this category are banner ads and innovation ads:

When we think of online advertising, Banner Ads are what comes to our mind first in the light of the fact that they stand out so noticeably on the page. They are the most common and come in a variety of sizes and layouts. Placed on the sides of the content as skyscraper or leaderboard ads, they are highly effective. Since these ads are so simple, they need to be designed and modified properly which results in the success of these ads.

Innovations something rarely used and completely new to the Indian market. The vast majority do not even know the meaning of innovation ads. These incorporste expanding ads and peel down ads, which work as their name suggests. releaseMyAd also offers interstitial ads, which cover the entire interface of the website, and appear on the screen unexpectedly. These are transitions which appear only while a page is being loaded, or when a game is being taken to the next level. These disruptions can create a visual experience for the viewer, making it catchy by either moving pictures, animation or videos.

These banner and innovation ads can be placed both in desktop versions of the website while mobile versions only allow banner ads. Mobile ads are equally effective as desktop versions as with the fast moving generation, people prefer to do their work while they’re on the move. While travelling, office hours, leisure activities, etc., reading the news on your smartphone is very convenient and can be done within a couple of minutes.

To book your ad in just a few simple steps via releaseMyAd, do the following:

  1. Visit our online advertising portal, and pick as your website.
  2. Select your device version – Desktop or Mobile.
  3. Next is to choose the ad type – A banner or Innovation Ad.
  4. If you choose a banner ad, choose the page you want your ad to be displayed and if you choose an innovation ad, choose the type of ad you want under that.
  5. Enter your personal details and choose the perfect package and spot for your ad.
  6. Upload your own creative or take the assistance of our expert design to create your campaign.
  7. Select the number of viewers or frequency for the ad, as well as the final dates.
  8. Make the payment needs to be made via online or offline methods.

If you want to advertise on get in touch with us. Our experts will help you in booking, planning and executing your website advertising campaign. You can directly get in touch with us at or 09830688443.


Author Bio: Hi! I am Simran Tantia. Finishing my high school in 2014, I started studying in Singapore for my Diploma and Bachelors. I am currently studying Marketing and Tourism from the University of Newcastle, Australia. My keen interest in writing was noticed by releaseMyAd and they gave me the great opportunity to work as their Intern. I thank them for providing me a great learning platform and an unforgettable experience!