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Established in 1948 by The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited, the Deccan Herald has also aimed at satisfying the aesthetic needs of the readers and paving the path to excellence. Apart from being Karnataka’s top English daily, it has also become one of India’s leading websites for delivering the most legitimate news. The company also launched their mobile version and applications for iOS and Android in 2013. Apart from the glorious brand image, the website is ranked 1406 by Alexa, based on the number on average visitors as on July 6th, 2015. With 9 million monthly page views, the website is constantly developing and endeavoring to reach the peak of its business cycle.

deccan-herald-website-adsThe Deccan Herald website allows various types of ads to be placed as they realise the significance of online ads in this era. Recent studies showed that the spending on online ads have almost equaled TV advertisements, which are far more expensive than online campaigns. The website allows people to campaign their display ads, which have a 36% takeover in the digital media.

The Deccan Herald gives you a few reasons to place your ads with them online:

  • Online ads allow geo-targeting which helps to concentrate on a particular topographical location.
  • Online ads offer transparency, by helping you track the number of clicks, viewers, and gives daily updates about the response to your ad.
  • In comparison to traditional advertising media such as newspapers, radio, direct mail, billboards, online advertising always reaching out to a larger audience and is even more cost effective than any other medium.

website-Advertising-deccan-heraldreleaseMyAd, India’s No.1 advertising agency, now empowers you to get the best platform to advertise your product over the Internet. We are the first ones to introduce direct guaranteed display advertisements online, with complete knowledge about the ad and full flexibility over it. We permit you to publish your ads in two ways – Banner ads and Innovation ads.

Banner ads are more common ads, placed as leaderboards or skyscrapers near the content on the page. They use the CPM method for expense determination. Even after being the simpler out of the two, they flood your sites with a large number of visitors. Companies with small budgets can even afford since selecting fewer impressions will lead to lower campaign costs.

Innovation ads are the rich media ads, which is our latest strategy. Innovation ads are the animated ads, with moving pictures, videos, etc. They capture the attention of the viewer by the moving images, unlike traditional advertising methods in newspapers, billboards, etc. These are “road blocked” per day, i.e., the charges are fixed for an entire day. The advertiser can use any kind of innovation ad through the course of the day create a pool of prospective customers. There are several categories under this such as Peel Down, Expanding Creatives and Interstitial Ads.

Given below is the easiest procedure you can find online to book your ad:

  1. Go to online advertising page for releaseMyAd and choose
  2. Select your device version – Mobile or Desktop. Desktop ads enable to you publish both banner and innovation ads, while mobile ads only permit banner ads.
  3. For a banner Ad, choose the page type. For an innovation ad, choose the ad type like explode, collapsible, etc.
  4. Enter your personal details and choose the best spot and package for your ad.
  5. Upload your creative or take the assistance of our Design Team to design your ad template.
  6. Select the target audience, frequency and final dates. A long campaign might enable you to avail of our special packages and offers.
  7. Make the payment using online or offline methods.

If you want to advertise on get in touch with us. Our experts will help you in booking, planning and executing your website advertising campaign. You can directly get in touch with us at or 09830688443.


Author Bio: Hi! I am Simran Tantia. Finishing my high school in 2014, I started studying in Singapore for my Diploma and Bachelors. I am currently studying Marketing and Tourism from the University of Newcastle, Australia. My keen interest in writing was noticed by releaseMyAd and they gave me the great opportunity to work as their Intern. I thank them for providing me a great learning platform and an unforgettable experience!