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In today’s economic oriented world, people are continually looking to increase their resources by investing in companies. To do this, the investor must pay attention on the stocks of the company and the trend in the sensex. To become a business tycoon, one should always have a good grasp over the budget and come up with various strategies after studying the latest business news and the market flow. Misinformation or ignorance of business news knowledge has no space in this generation.

fiancial- express-website-advertisingThis is where the biggest online business news portal steps in, to report all kinds of financial and economic news to the masses. The not only creates a fence of knowledge for all the investors and businessmen, but also to the common public who keep interest in knowing the happenings of the economical world.

Started off as a business daily from the Indian Express group, the Financial express has always provided the most up-to-date news about market trends and economic policies. It started its own website and e-paper, with economical, technological and industrial news. It also gives the latest updates about currency, stocks and mutual funds. Not only this, it has now become one of the best platforms to campaign your ad due to the great Alexa rank of 356 and 11 million monthly page views.

This proves that this website is undoubtedly the best platform to place any ad. This website attracts young professionals, business dealers, prospective investors, industrialists, etc. Since general economic news is also present on this website, a majority of the common public is attracted to this website. releaseMyAd, India’s best online agency, assists you to place your ads on this news portal with minimum effort. This agency helps to place two types of display ads on this website – Banner ads and innovation ads. Banner ads are simple ads placed on different sides of the text, while innovation ads are eye-catching and very attractive. The impact made by innovation ads is very high and most of the ad viewers are seen to be clicking on them or looking them up on search engines.

Under the banner ads, there are:

  • Skyscraper Ads – Placed vertically along both the sides of the text, these are long and allow a lot of text to be written due to the abundance of space. The entire ad can be viewed by scrolling up and down the page.
  • Leaderboard Ads – Placed at the head of the page above the content and below the title, these catch the attention of the view instantly.

releaseMyAd offers the following types of innovation ads:

  • Expanding Creatives – The ad is initially places in the standard size near the content on the page. When the viewer clicks the ad or moves the cursor over ad, the ad expands to give more details.
  • Interstitial Ads – These are full screen ads which only appear for 5-30 seconds, during intervals. These intervals can be during changing levels of a game or while a page is being buffered.
  • Peel down Ad – Visible initially only on the corner of a page, they peel down to give more information about the ad after it detects the cursor over it or on clicking.

releaseMyAd is constantly coming up with more innovative advertising techniques, such as placing videos, animations, or flashing photos in an advertisements. This is the only way to catch the attention of a browser who is not paying attention to ordinary ads over the radio, newspaper or magazines. The major reason for advertising through releaseMyAd is that we are the pioneers in guaranteed advertising. We are the only ones to give you full information about your ad type, placement, date and time. You are able to view the final ad before its placement and changes can be made even after going LIVE. If done through any other agency, they will not give you any of the above benefits which might make you think twice before you opt for them. these easy steps to book your ad even when you’re sitting at home or in your office:

  1. Visit and get started with your ad.
  2. Select your version device – desktop or banner and choose between banner or innovation ads.
  3. For a banner ad, choose your suitable page and for an innovation ad, choose the best type of innovation ad you like.
  4. Enter your personal details including email id and phone number.
  5. Choose the best package and spot for your ad. Remember to choose the sport that best supports your ad idea.
  6. Upload your own ad creative, or take our Team’s assistance to make the most attractive ad for you, with no extra costs.
  7. Choose your target audience, final dates and frequency of repetition.
  8. Make the payment via a host of online or offline methods.

If you want to advertise on get in touch with us. Our experts will help you in booking, planning and executing your website advertising campaign. You can directly get in touch with us at or 09830688443 .


Author Bio: Hi! I am Simran Tantia. Finishing my high school in 2014, I started studying in Singapore for my Diploma and Bachelors. I am currently studying Marketing and Tourism from the University of Newcastle, Australia. My keen interest in writing was noticed by releaseMyAd and they gave me the great opportunity to work as their Intern. I thank them for providing me a great learning platform and an unforgettable experience!