How does Elle Magazine advertisements manage to get such immense response?


Before Elle Magazine came to India, there was no other magazine completely dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. Thus, it was easy for Elle to create a niche for itself in the fashion and lifestyle magazine genre. This French origin magazine was launched in 1996 and filled the gap for a complete fashion and lifestyle magazine for the upmarket metro women in India.

While its predecessors continued to function as a complete women’s magazine, Elle India grew in its niche market. Elle India is known for its quality fashion content. The magazine has kept pace with international fashion without bombarding Indian women with it. Its success stems from the magazine’s policy of adapting to the needs of the local markets.Advertising on Elle Magazine

The magazine features the latest from the world of fashion, from quick-fix makeup tips to the latest fashion trends, latest beauty hacks, celebrity fashionistas, beauty and fashion blogs, etc. It is a complete magazine for the fashion conscious Indian women.

Being a premium magazine it is priced exactly right, to appeal to the upper-class urban Indian women. Elle functions on the low circulation and high-quality model. It targets women, who do not consider the price of the magazine as an issue but look for quality content.

This policy model of Elle has worked quite well, as from a content-ad ratio of 77:23 in 1996-97 it soon reached 53:47. Elle has been able to get premium fashion and lifestyle brands onboard thanks to its quality readership.

Elle Magazine advertising generates the necessary buzz for your brands. This is because Elle India provides its advertising partners more than just as spots for the vanilla ads. Elle associates with its advertising partners in strategic partnerships and integrating brand synergies through blogs and articles, advertorials, contests, etc. that entice their target market of 18 to 45-year-old upper crust women from Indian metros.

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