HBO attracts more advertisers with image makeover


“It’s Not TV, It’s HBO,” was the tagline of HBO, a premier English TV channel in India. The tagline was enough to create a brand for HBO as a niche medium for English entertainment. The claim that the channel is not like any other movie channel but a genre in itself creates a niche image for HBO.

Since its launch in India in 2000, HBO brought in a huge fan following from the metros and Tier I cities of India. This was due to its huge movie library in association with Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros and original series like Entourage, Sex & the City, Game of Thrones etc. These sleek shows coupled with the class of movies of HBO gave the channel an ‘A class’ look amongst the Indian masses.Ads in HBO

Advertisers looking to connect with affluent, upwardly mobile Indians in metros and Tier I cities sought TV commercial slots on HBO.

Being a pay channel, HBO sought more subscriptions and ultimately advertising revenue after years of operating in India. A research conducted by the parent company of Turner Group concluded, HBO is seen as a TV channel ‘not for the masses’. Mass audiences across India found the monochromatic logo of HBO a huge turnoff as did the mass market advertisers.

Thus, to attract more audiences and advertisements to HBO, the channel bosses decreed to change the logo and the programming content of the channel. Now, HBO has a logo of vibrant blue and red that attracts Indian audiences more. Moreover, HBO’s content mapping now shows more content suitable to the Indian masses, especially its Prime Time slot.

The bargain has paid off pretty well for the English Movie entertainer. With its new avatar, the channel has donned a new image accessorised with the glittering tagline of “Like Never Before” and has placed itself atop the English movie channel TRP list at No.3. Today, advertisers prefer advertising with HBO to reach the Indian masses across the nation.

Right image of the TV channel and tweaking the programming content of HBO has made it a promotional hotspot for advertisers, targeting the male-skewed English movie channel viewers of India beyond the metros and Tier I cities.
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