What makes Movies Now the No.1 English Movie Channel?


When Times Group forayed into the already crowded English movie channel market with Movies Now in late 2010, the media pundits declared it a folly. However, Movies Now turned the tide in its favour soon with the numero uno spot in the BARC Ratings. Today, it is a premium movie channel with more than 500 brands on board driving the television advertisements in its segment. Here is what Movies Now does right in playing the game of thrones.

Content In-Sync with Viewer PreferencesAdvertisement on Movies Now

Movies Now get the best of Hollywood for its audiences. Tie-ups with several Hollywood studios allow Movies Now to cultivate a mammoth movie library of over 1500 titles. This allows the channel to provide a vibrant movie viewing experience to its audiences. Action, adventure, thrillers and all other genres get air-time on Times Now.

Movies Now recognize the difference between theatrical movie consumption and enjoying movies on television. This enables them to bring content ready for consumers who love to watch Hollywood blockbusters again and again.

Content Placement & Showcasing

A premium TV channel, Movies Now understands its audiences and their need for quality entertainment. Tuning into Movies Now is sure to give audiences an enchanting time. This is because the channel promises to provide the upscale Indian audiences superlative viewing experience with clearer, crisper, and sharper picture quality and a surround sound.

On the other hand, Advertisers find advertising in Movies Now a great deal more suitable owing to its place in the viewer’s psyche.

Better Content Packaging

Movies Now knows how to create a buzz.

Before any movie premieres on the channel, their team goes on an overdrive, creating many interactive engagement opportunities for the viewers. Mostly, Contests with fabulous prizes to be won are the standard ads for Movies Now on social media, radio stations, newspapers, etc. Movies Now ensure to keep their promos interactive and experiential to increase retention.

Remarkable marketing strategies were used to the movies like Wolf of Wall Street and Fury was aired driving not just audiences but Movies Now advertisements too!

Well – Segmented Audiences

Like all other Times Group offerings, Movies Now is essentially an urban TV channel. The whole look and feel of the channel are designed to entice the urban age groups of 15 to 50. Aggressive marketing strategies and great distribution channels have taken Time Now to more than a million Indian towns and cities. This adrenaline junkie channel today commands 26% of the English movie channel pie.

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