IBN 7, the ultimate stop for advertisers


The news sector being dynamic in nature, it is imperative that channels maintain consistency in their performance by adding value through its information. It is not only important to cover major developing stories but reporting news, the content of which can be productive for the society as a whole. How then, is one to make a mark in space which is constantly developing and changing with speed? The solution would be to leverage resources in a manner such that priority can be ascertained to every aspect of journalism, and this is precisely what IBN 7 excels in.

The channel launched on 15th August 2006 was initially known as Channel 7 but later was rebranded into IBN 7 with the motto “Hausla Hai” translating into “With Courage”. With this newly reformed image IBN 7 dove in with a fervent attitude and a team of dedicated reporters to deliver quality programs ranging across various categories catering to a wide range of audiences.

Dilli Ko Saans Lene Do” was one such program which was not only important in terms of reportage but also extremely socially relevant. New Delhi being the world’s most polluted city making its residents gasp for fresh air, it was of utmost importance to launch an initiative to address this deadly problem while developing a practical solution. Keeping this in mind DKSLD was launched in two phases. The first phase launched on December 24th, 2015 was about assessing the problem. Panel discussions were held about the need to curb this fatality and the necessity of government proposed measures. The second phase from January 1st, 2016 to January 15th, 2016 entailed the practicality of the measures proposed and its evaluation. This initiative by IBN 7 was executed with extreme dedication and covered with utmost detail which ultimately gave the whole nation an unbiased perspective on the effects of the measures implemented and how far they were successful but most of all, the program was successful in highlighting the extreme necessity for an immediate solution.Ads on IBN 7 Channel

Another environmental issue that IBN 7 covered along with CNN-IBN was the Climate Summit 2016 held in Paris from November 30th to December 11th, 2015. The program highlighted the policies and agendas the world’s leading economies like US, China, European Union, Brazil, and India should make to cut down on greenhouse gas emission and reach the desired level of carbon emission targets.

IBN 7’s endeavor to highlight and discuss the strengths of the society can be seen in its other programs as well, “Shabash India” being one of them. SI is a thirteen part series airing every Saturday season wise which discusses the untold stories of innovators who through their indigenous ways solve daily life problems. A few of the inventions covered in this show are the Mitticool Fridge, the earthen refrigerator that runs without electricity, a Smart Wheel Chair developed by an engineering graduate that works with the head movement, and Banana Leaf Technology that preserves banana leaves for a year without the use of any chemicals.

In July 2013, IBN 7 revamped its image to match its goals. According to IBN 7’s officials, the transformed image of the channel reflects the aspirations of its viewers. The idea was to position themselves in a manner such that their identity becomes indicative of as well as synonymous with quality programming which impacts the society in a positive way. This brand philosophy was taken further by the launch of a new campaign to promote the set of values the channel believes in. Themed ‘Nidar.Atal.Prachand.Satya’, the campaign defines IBN7 as a channel which is fearless (nidar), accurate (atal), impactful (prachand), and truthful (satya).

IBN 7 has been successful in creating a positive and nurturing personality which works for the people. It is this unique positioning that has made it popular among viewers and a favorite with advertisers. Synonymous with integrity and honesty, the channel is all about serving news that is constructive.

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