Advertise on CNN-IBN to Take Advantage of Its Quality Programs

With an array of news channels present today, it is quite the task to hold a viewer’s attention for a long stretch of time. Keeping this in mind, CNN-IBN has chalked out an effective strategy to reach out to all its viewers. By reporting unadulterated and active news from all corners of the country while disseminating international news from its direct source CNN International, the channel has carved out a winning space for itself.

CNN-IBN’s success today can be credited to a number of factors. The channel essentially being a platform for news reporting has not by any means restricted itself to a typical news channel. Its unique programming catering to a wide range of audiences has amassed a following that keeps increasing.

For example, CNN-IBN’s show Live It Up was constructed keeping in mind the fast paced life people seem to live today. A thirteen episode series, the show focused on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living in the fast lane chasing deadlines. Live It Up is CNN-IBN’s flagship show on health and lifestyle and does a good job of elucidating the youth on the different diseases, their severity and how to avoid them.Ads on CNN-IBN Channel

Similarly, the channel completely revamped its morning prime time format to better enable its viewers to start the day with the right kind of information. The channel being always on the lookout for fresh content introduced the brand new formats of Express and Morning News that takes over the prime hours of the morning from 8 AM to 10 AM. With a dedicated team of reporters the two shows have been placed in a way such that they complement each other. With Express providing short and snappy news from around the world to prepare the viewers for the day ahead, Morning News is slightly more detailed providing emphasis on the key events and developing stories.

Moreover, the channel wants to enhance its presence by partnering with a creative agency. It wants to draw itself apart from the typical news reporting genre and lay more emphasis on authentic journalism. In 2013, CNN-IBN launched a campaign on similar lines which spoke of the importance of news over noise, information over infotainment, empowered over powerless, optimism over doubt, substance over style, sense over sensationalism, truth over bias, and credibility over chaos.

However, the channel does not stop at creating quality content for television. Understanding the importance of social media in today’s world, CNN-IBN with the help of Twitter’s live streaming app Periscope has enabled viewers to engage with anchors real time. This pioneering initiative has allowed the channel in extending its occupancy by becoming more inclusive. Some of the path-breaking live scopes that have taken place because of this resourcefulness are Karma Pallor’s Periscope on Indonesian Air Crash, Steve Herman’s eyewitness Periscope on Bangkok blast, Battle for Bihar, the census row, the hot topic of Hardik Patel amongst many other boiling topics. The channel further aims to take full advantage of social media by magnifying its presence there in more ways than one.

Time Warner together with Network 18 launched India specific CNN-IBN on 18th December 2005. However, the channel is completely run by TV Network 18 which only uses the brand name CNN (Cable News Network). Since its launch the channel has come a long way and has established itself as a major player making sure that it is here to stay.

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