How Aaj Tak intensified news and ads on Indian television?


A recent survey of news channels pointed out Aaj Tak as the best-known brand of news channels. In a separate survey, it has been named as the most reliable news channel of India.  Aaj Tak has established itself firmly, in the past 16 years  in the Indian mindset with its tagline of ‘Sabse Tez’ that literally translates to ‘Fastest’. The No.1 Hindi news channel has turned its tagline into its biggest USP assuring viewers to deliver the news, fastest from every corner of the world.

Humble BeginningsAaj-tak-TV-ads

Aaj Tak has come a long way since its inception as a 20-minute news capsule on the national TV channel. This current affairs programme was extremely popular then with viewers looking for reliable information packaged rightly for immediate consumption. Aaj Tak was considered the most dependable news source then.

It is said that when Doordarshan refused to extend the show, the TV Today Network resolved to launch a 24-hour Hindi news channel for its audiences.

Reaches Milestones in a Year within its launch

Aaj Tak launched in December 1999 and decimated all competition from Zee News and Star News in the second quarter of 2000 to climb to the No.1 spot. It then broke all records in popularity for the Hindi news genre and was awarded the Best News Channel crown by the Indian Television Academy Awards before it completed even one year.

Perhaps, Aaj Tak has got the most impressive success story of any media house in India. Aaj Tak remained a favourite with its audience base for the coming decade and more. Even today, Aaj Tak is the self-proclaimed market leader of Hindi news channels in India that is known for its reliable and fast news coverage.

Available for All

Even after its huge popularity, Aaj Tak remains an FTA (free to air) channel. This makes it accessible by a huge number of viewers increasing its reach. With a target audience between the age brackets of 24 to 40 years, Aaj Tak reaches more household in India than any other paid news channels.

agenda-stars-aaj-takInnovative Programs to Interest Audiences

Aaj Tak is known for changing the way News is covered in India. The channel brought in several innovations to the newsroom like adding local flavours to a news piece from a particular region and adding ‘tadka’ to the news with actor enactments like docu-dramas supplementing the news coverage. Although met with initial criticism by industry stalwarts and senior journalists, it went down extremely well with audiences; and today is an accepted norm which other news stations have adopted too.

Advertisers Paradise

The most popular Hindi news channel of India soon became a beacon of hope for advertisers. Apart from standard in-break ads, Aaj Tak soon introduced tickers, program & segment sponsorships, non-free-airtime commercials etc. that changed the scene of advertising for news channels.

These innovative advertising technique combined with the massive reach of Aaj Tak and its reliability translates into an alpha advertising medium, where finding the perfect ad spot can be quite cumbersome.
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