Transparent ad booking process with releaseMyAd for Star Plus’ shows


Television has become the single most important source of entertainment in India. Family dramas, comedy programs and reality shows on TV often become the topic of dinnertime conversations. Although it is amusing to see the importance of TV shows, we cannot deny that these characters on air, remain etched into our daily lives. Audiences love and hate, and feel a range of emotions with their beloved characters. This high range of emotions can be easily tapped by marketers to bring recognition for their brands and increase sales. When you advertise in a show which follows a storyline close to your product, you are sure to get more responses for it. This impact of TV shows on the Indian masses can only be marvelled at.Advertising on TV

One of the top general entertainment channels (GECs) in India is Star Plus. With more than 720m viewers across the nation, it ensures to take your brand places. Star Plus boasts of the highest TRPs with its innovative storylines that echo the new generation of its viewers. Where “Diya Aur Bati Hum” showcases a careerist Sandhya, who is supported vehemently by her husband Suraj in achieving her dreams, “Saath Nibhana Sathiya” has a timid and illiterate Gopi stepping ahead in life, bold and educated aided by her family. Meanwhile, Maryada Purushottam “Siya ke Raam” brings out Sita’s perspective of Raam, for the first time on screen.

Star Plus provides diverse entertainment for all age groups. From stories revolving around young couples like “Suhaani Si Ek Ladki” to remarriages of middle-aged couples in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, the channel makes sure to have something for everyone. Of late, the channel has introduced some of its daily shows on the weekend too. This makes sure your dose of entertainment is sorted for the whole week.

Being the No.1 paid entertainment channel, advertising on Star Plus is a costly affair. But once you get spots on this top GEC you are sure to reach millions of its viewers readily. Add to it the high impact of its shows and you have the perfect recipe for your brand’s success. The average runtime of shows on the channel is 22 minutes for a half hour time slot. Thus, advertisers have ample time to flash their TVCs to their targets.


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Also, we have managed to keep our ad booking process short and simple. Only 3 steps online and you are good to go!

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