Advertising in Health & Nutrition Magazine Simplified


As the years rolled by past the new millennium, society at large experienced various drastic changes, mostly at a positive direction. One of the changes reflected in the society was a general awareness of health and general well being. As a result, we witnessed the construction of gyms and efforts to raise awareness about the maintenance of one’s bodily health. Since then, a variety of products and equipment has been devised to maintain one’s body.

In addition to working out in a gym, people soon realized that one also needs to take into consideration the internal cleansing of one’s body, which soon manifested itself in practices such as healthy eating and dieting. These customs grew in prominence with the years, benefitting millions of people worldwide. This trend also witnessed a rise in publication of various magazines and periodicals, of which most notable is Health & Nutrition Magazine.Health & Nutrition Magazine

Aimed at the average Joe, Health & Nutrition Magazine serves much like a personal trainer, motivation as well as instructing the readers on practices that serve to their well being. The magazine enjoys immense popularity in India, with a large number of readers. Due to the popularity and universally relevant content of the magazine, it can be found in a number of public offices such as in the offices of doctors, at airports and in gyms and salons.

Health & Nutrition Magazine is read by many sections of society, namely college students, working professionals, bodybuilders, and artists. Due to its wide readership and universal appeal, Health & Nutrition Magazine is a great advertising vehicle, and has worked wonders for a number of brands. Health & Nutrition Magazine is the perfect place to advertise for your brand. You can book your ads on this magazine via leading magazine advertising agency, releaseMyAd. Latest technological advancements have allowed releaseMyAd to make provision for booking ads online. The booking process is simple, and has been explained below:

  • Choose where in Health & Nutrition Magazine you would like to place your ad.
  • Provide details about business (Name, contact, Email id, business category, etc.)
  • Upload the ad creative for your campaign. You can alternatively ask us to design one for you if you lack the means.
  • Select the date when you want your advertisement to be published in Health & Nutrition Magazine.
  • Clear payment using either Online or Offline means.

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