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One of the most recognizable magazines in India, one that can be seen in most households and all magazine outlets is Digit. Started in 2001, this magazine aims to educate their readers about the latest in technology and electronics. With developments being made in this sector at an astonishing pace, even enthusiasts are finding it challenging to keep up with the latest. This is where Digit comes in handy, and their appeal and popularity extends beyond techies.Digit Magazine

Digit is one of the most popular magazines because they systematically publish engaging and honest reviews about the fresh releases in the electronics market, weighing the pros and cons, taking into account parameters such as cost, specifications, and features and gives the readers a verdict on how good an investment the gadget/program would be. Thousands of readers base their judgements on this magazine. Digit is not all about reviews, though, as they also take up the responsibility to guide readers who aim to take up a career in information technology. This magazine also gives readers helpful tips on how to optimize the performance of their devices.

Digit also publishes a handful of supplements that come with their monthly issues. They have an estimated circulation of 76,000 and enjoy an approximate readership that exceeds 2,25,000. These astonishing number consequently point to the potency of Digit as an advertising medium. Due to the aforementioned factors, one might assume that booking an ad on this magazine would be some challenge. Quite the contrary, however, as you can now book your ads on Digit, or any magazine of your choice, over the internet, with the help of magazine advertising agency, releaseMyAd. The booking process is simple, and can be encapsulated as such:

  • Choose which page of Digit you would like to advertise in. Special pages such as the inside of the front and back covers, the opening page, etc, are costlier options, but offer better visibility.
  • Choose the size of your advertisement, the choices being full page, half page, strip and double strip.
  • Provide us with your contact and business details and view advertising rates.
  • Upload your ad creative if you possess one. If not, you can ask us to make one for you.
  • Select the dates of your campaign and clear payment via a host of online and offline options.

You can address your queries about magazine advertising to, or you can talk to our magazine advertising representatives directly by calling on 09830688443.