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The practice of architecture has been present since ancient times. From the famous Pyramids of Giza to our very own Taj Mahal, these are examples of extraordinary architectural achievements. The present architecture scenario is based extensively on creation of residential or commercial houses. The present generation is well aware of the trends and has a clear idea of designs that they want. Therefore, the architects now are more risk taking and ready to present cutting edge designs. The need to be updated always remains a priority and this is where Architecture+Design magazine serves its purpose.Architecture-Design-Magazine

A product of Media TransAsia India, Architecture + Design is in its 26th year of publication. This shows the vast experience it possesses in the architectural point of view. It is one of the leading publications catering to the Construction and Design segment. A National magazine published monthly, it is essentially a guide for architects, designers and the construction agency. It presents a modern trend in building technology, research &development thus ensuring the design is completed accordingly. It is like a potential blueprint for aspiring and professional architects.

In spite of the target audience being Real estate and the Architecture industry, Architecture+Design magazine enjoys a huge readership of 2, 25,000. Focusing earlier on the new segment of readers (architects, designers) it slowly has created an appeal among the rest of the people of the country. This makes it a wonderful platform for advertising. releaseMyAd, an online advertising agency is a capable contender for handling your magazine advertising campaign.

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