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Truth be told, we live in a voyeuristic world. Even though the bulk of voyeurism has shifted to ‘stalking’ friends and strangers on social media, we shouldn’t forget that the initial manifestation of a voyeuristic pleasure that was truly harmless. I’m talking about magazines, of course. Be it adolescents in the cusp of adulthood, or adults themselves, they all have indulged in voyeurism, which many psychologists have claimed to be a very natural phenomenon among humans, as long as one’s privacy is not invaded.Debonair magazine

India’s Debonair, modeled after the world famous Playboy magazines, was introduced in 1971 as a men’s lifestyle magazine. The magazine was revised later to target the youth around a decade back. The magazine now features a host of other topics such as entertainment, lifestyle and fitness.

The magazine enjoys great circulation, with 70000 copies printed every month, and a readership beyond 210000. Advertising in Debonair magazine helps you effectively reach many people. Thanks to releaseMyAd, you can now book your ads on Debonair online. The booking process is simple, and takes no more than 10 minutes of your time. To book your ad in Debonair, follow these steps:

  • Select where you would like to advertise in the magazine as well as the size of the ad.
  • Provide us with your business and contact details and view advertising rates.
  • Share with us your ad creative or you can ask us to make one for you.
  • Select the date/issue of the magazine you would like to advertise in.
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline options

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