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spice-route-magazine-adsWhen the flier is at a stature of more than 25,000 ft, he has no connectivity with the external world. This is where an inflight magazine acts as a rich asset of furnishing the reader with the outside world’s information through different segments. The traveller is enhanced with phenomenal information related to unusual travel destinations, major brands, latest fashion trends, retail products, and so forth.

While attempting to keep the flier engaged, an inflight magazine plays one of the most significant roles. With various readers browse through eccentric stories, news, deals for retail products, recipes for food, new eateries for a specific city, top hotels, etc., the magazine has enormous responsibility on its shoulders for the entertainment of the traveller.

SpiceRoute is the monthly inflight magazine for one of India’s largest domestic carriers, SpiceJet. The magazine caters to the 1.2 million flyers of this magazine every day, including adults, children, youth, business professionals, senior citizens, etc. This magazine is greatly appreciated for all its features and articles, and the most genuine and unbiased news.

The SpiceRoute is the ideal magazine to place your ads since it is a complimentary magazine for all fliers. The only way this magazine makes money is through ads. The majority portion of this tabloid consists of ads which gives advertisers coming from every demographic of the society a chance to place their ads easily. Since it is a monthly magazine, your campaign will be rotated amongst millions of fliers for a long period of time which will create more brand visibility.

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book-ads-in-spice-routeTo book your ad, follow these simple steps:

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