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Launched 17 years ago in 1998, Cosmopolitan magazine’s Indian version has now enjoyed more than a decade of exceptional success. Akin to the American version, the Indian Cosmopolitan magazine aims to provide women with a wealth of information to live their lives to their fullest. Whereas the magazine is targeted to all adult women, it remains most popular with single career women. The magazine has reached iconic status, and is often referred to in short as, ‘Cosmo’.Cosmopolitan Magazine ads

The magazine contains numerous articles about life, relationships, career, discipline, beauty, health, fitness, and much more. Cosmopolitan magazine is known for their exceptionally creative listed articles, as well as several celebrity interviews. There are numerous instances where prominent personalities from the entertainment industry contribute to the magazine, sharing their experiences of memorable events.

The evident success and popularity of the magazine can be witnessed on paper when you look at their circulation numbers: In a month, approximately 1,45,000 copies are printed and circulated throughout India. What further boosts their readership numbers is the fact that this prominent magazine is found across numerous public places such as parlours, salons and spas, as well as at doctor’s clinics, airports and the like, where a large number of people can chance upon it. Despite all these facts already proving that Cosmopolitan is an excellent advertising platform, what stands out the most is the fact that the readers share an extraordinarily personal relationship with the magazine, with many referring to the magazine as, ‘my caffeine’, ‘my personal stylist’, among others. Readers trust the magazine, and exhibit an instinctive preference to the ads that are printed in Cosmopolitan.  

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