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Cosmopolitan, refers to an individual who is comfortable in different countries and various cultures. Cosmopolitan, the magazine also focuses on this particular trait. The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the metropolitan independent women who can adjust and adapt to various work environments, different national and international cultures without any hesitation.

book-ads-in-cosmopolitanIt is one of the most widely circulated women’s fashion magazines across the world. The first edition of Cosmopolitan was introduced in 1886 in the United States and it came to India in 1998. It was initially published as a literary magazine but over the ages it transformed into a women’s guide to fashion trends, health, and relationships. Cosmopolitan also includes interesting cover stories and celebrity interviews and more.


With a circulation of over 200 million copies across the world, Cosmopolitan has established itself as one of the most widely read Fashion magazines in the world. Advertising in Cosmopolitan assures vast audience reach and also brandishes your name among the high profile and moneyed class of readers in India.

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