Many Ways of Advertising in Magazines!


Magazine advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising owing to its ability to target a niche market.Several magazines are available in the market today and the diversity seen in the magazines today is staggering.

We do know that display ads are extremely popular in magazines.We flip through any magazine and we see pages filled with beautiful ads which instantly grab our attention.

However, display ads are not the only way to advertise in a magazine!

Lets explore all the options available to advertise in a magazine:

1)Display Ads:Considered as the most popular form of advertising in magazines,display ads offer high visibility.These glossy four colored ads are pleasing to the readers eyes and they instantly pay attention to the ads.Such ads are suitable for new companies who want to build brand awareness.

2)Advertorials:Created usually to tell a “story”,advertorials are ads in the form of editorials.One of the advantages of this form of advertising is that the reader reads the entire article without thinking that the purpose of the article is advertising a product or services.Big publication houses like India Today sell many copies of magazines filled with advertorials.Advertorials are ideally used to promote expensive products or services because the article or editorial can explain the product and its utility well which display ads cannot achieve to some extent.

3)Classifieds: If your advertising budget is small and you want just readers to get a glimpse of your product then you can opt for classifieds.These ads usually appear on the last page of a magazine along with other classifieds.

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