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Advertising in specialized magazines is the latest trend being followed by top notch advertisers. This simply enhances your reach to a specific and desired audience which in turn increases your brand value. Reaching out to the right audience ensures maximum responses and hence a huge hike in sales and profits for you.


At present the best and most famous genre among magazines are Health and Fitness magazines. Due to the increasing trend of health consciousness among Indians as a result of our monotonous daily life routine, static position at workplaces and haphazard eating habits, people are increasingly inclined towards magazines which can provide healthy living tips in busy schedules.

So to get your products and services noticed you need to promote it in the right place and considering the latest trend, health and lifestyle magazines are the best podiums to leave a mark on your target audience. In the past decade several health magazines have come up which have created a huge influence on its readers and attained a fair share of the print advertising market.

Take a look at the 7 top magazines in India, you can advertise in through releaseMyAd:

Complete WellbeingIt is a monthly health and lifestyle magazine which emphasises on the healthy development and maintenance of our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects. It promotes the ways to lead a happy and stress free life even in today’s hectic schedules

 guardian-health-chronicle-adsGuardian Health ChronicleThis magazine, as its name suggests is a Health Guardian providing wellness and beauty tips along with stating preventive measures to keep oneself healthy for a longer period of time. It is published on a quarterly basis by Guardian Life Care- a renowned pharmaceuticals company across India

Health and NutritionIt is a health and fitness magazine for all ages above 18, especially for the working Indian population, motivating and inspiring them towards a healthy lifestyle. Published every month, Health & Nutrition is owned by Magna, an organisation known for many well-known magazines in India and abroad covering varied genres

advertising-in-parenting-magazineMother and BabyMother & Baby is a monthly magazine dedicated to provide various solutions to present and expecting mothers, who are inclined towards maintaining their own health along with a healthy grooming of their infants. It covers topics starting from child bearing & rearing, baby food to baby fashion and accessories


Parent EdgeThis special magazine caters to busy and insightful Indian parents who are conscious about providing the best academic and intellectual provisions to develop them into complete and competitive human beings. It releases an issue in every 2 months and is owned by the famous Prayag Group

Parenting-It has been one of India’s leading parenting magazines for the past 2 decades. Parenting covers topics starting with tips for nursing mothers and baby care to dealing with teenagers and the relationship between parents and growing children

PreventionPrevention is one of the top notch monthly health magazines for 30 plus women. It caters to all their requirements and health issues faced by them along with the solutions for the same. It comprises of editorials and write-ups by a strong panel of health experts and is owned by the India Today Group-the leading magazine publishing house in India

The name of the Magazine, its popularity as well as the topics it covers conditions the reach and effect of your brand advertisement and promotion. The magazine type determines the type of the audience that you shall be catering to.

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