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The first edition of Cine Blitz was released in the month of December, in the year 1974. Noted for being one of the best selling magazines in India, Cine Blitz has also received a fair share of criticisms, but let’s be fair, leading magazines, especially in the entertainment industry have always been subjected to controversy and criticism. Cine Blitz’s tagline, “C to Z of advertising. Everyone covers AB”, ruffled a few feathers when initially announced for obvious reasons, although it did precious little to stop the wheels that were set in motion.Cine Blitz Magazine

Enjoying great popularity all over India, one is sure to come across the latest edition of Cine Blitz at your doctor’s clinic, or maybe your hairdressers’ or the airport. Enjoying a circulation of 130000 copies and a cumulative readership of approximately 400000, Cine Blitz entertains readers with a variety of film reviews, industry hearsay, gossips and actor interviews. It would not be a long shot to say that this magazine has attained cult status, and has an extremely faithful readership base. Cine Blitz celebrated their 35th anniversary of publication in the year 2009.

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