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Children have the amazing power to conjure companions out of thin air. There is no shame in admitting that most of us had imaginary friends during our years as toddlers. A child’s mind never stops looking for creative new ways to have fun. In their simplicity and innocence, children often exhibit characteristics and behaviours that we as adults often seem to find ourselves unable to exhibit; compassion, selflessness, bravery and justice are among the many other traits. A child’s thirst for knowledge is often unquenchable, and unequivocal. For this sole purpose, magazines like Chutti Vikatan were started.Chutti-Vikatan

Chutti Vikatan aims to keep the nurturing little minds of children occupied and sharp through a number of puzzles, riddles and stories with morals. Chutti Vikatan also houses a number of entertaining comic strips, basic articles and factoids about science and technology. Despite being aimed at young children, this magazine is popular among adolescents too. These magazines are an excellent opportunity for advertisers to reach out to young audiences.

Due to the immense popularity of Chutti Vikatan, a number of paediatricians and playhouses stash a handful of issues of this magazine for visiting children. An approximate of 130000 copies of this magazine are circulated every fortnight, racking up to 400000 young readers.

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