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As far as Indian digests go, there is none that compares to the iconic Tinkle. Granted, Tinkle doesn’t feature gripping plotlines, avant-garde illustrations or inspirational heroes, but what it does bring to the table are countless hours of fun, lessons of morality hidden behind the silly antics of lovable characters, and a plethora of puzzles, facts and interesting articles. Tinkle has birthed interesting characters such as Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Kalia and many more. It is safe to say that reading Tinkle constituted a major part of every Indian school kid.Tinkle Magazine Ads

Tinkle Digest was created by legendary Indian editor, Anant Pai, who also authored Amar Chitra Katha. The first edition of Tinkle was published in 1980, and churned out in excess of 650 issues since then. The magazines also feature interactive puzzles, engaging articles about wondrous facts, and some excellent stories that are written in a way that not only engages, but also entertains and educates. All the other characters that appear in an issue all have interesting storylines, but they also have a lesson to teach.

Tinkle is hugely popular in India, with more than 2,60,000 copies published per month. Due to the universal appeal among children of diverse upbringings and social strata, these magazines are often found in public libraries, pediatric clinics, schools and the like. This raises the overall readership of the magazine, making it an excellent vessel to target young children with advertisements. Many a child has found his or her dream toy while flipping through the pages of this wonderful digest. You can book your ads on Tinkle magazine online via magazine advertising portal, releaseMyAd, by taking the following steps:

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