Advertising in Ritz Magazine Simplified


Fashion trends catch up fast in this day and age, and a large chunk of credit to make this a possibility goes to reliable sources such as fashion and lifestyle magazines. The word ‘reliable’ has been used to stress on the unaccountability of the internet when it comes to presenting impartial perspectives. Magazines continue to be a premier catalyst in shaping up the perceptions people have of cultures and lifestyles beyond their reach, and sometimes even within. Magazines are considered to be reliable sources primarily because they are not free, like much of the information on the internet, and citing sources that are not credible will affect sales.Ritz-mar

For an era stretching to nearly a decade, South India’s Ritz magazine “has been instrumental in shaping up the attitudes, perspectives and lifestyle…” Assuming the role of the primary source of fashion, lifestyle, events and food for their readers, Ritz enjoys an unparalleled and unrivalled position in South India. Primarily being a fashion and lifestyle magazine, Ritz lays special focus on the goings on at the fashion industry, but doesn’t limit itself to that, going further into verticals such as food, relationships and nutrition.

Ritz enjoys a circulation of 82000 copies per month, and an approximately 246000 people read this magazine. In addition to being a trendsetter and guide to its readers, Ritz also happens to be an advertising platform that is very much in demand. Advertising in Ritz is also extremely easy, thanks to leading magazine ad agency, releaseMyAd, who have simplified the booking process by making the entire process online. All you need is a few clicks of your mouse and your ad will be booked, soon after you follow these steps:

  • Finalize the position where you want your ad to be published
  • Decide the approximate size of your ad which will be published (Full page, Half, Strip and Double strip).
  • Provide your personal details such as name, contact, email id and also provide the name of your business to view advertising rates on
  • Upload your own creative or you can seek help of our expert graphic artists to prepare the creative.
  • Confirm the date when you want your advertisement to be published.
  • Complete the process by making the necessary payment via Online and Offline means.

In the event that you have any questions regarding the process, you can mail us at, or call us on 09836068426.