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With an incredible array of grooming and self-maintenance products out in the market, and the various contrasting appearance related problems faced by the people of today, we often find ourselves in need of a guide; someone who can point us in the right direction; suggest the right remedy. Whereas our endeavors to protect ourselves from various harmful elements will continue, our search of a guide ended 15 years ago with the start of popular magazine – New Age Salon & Spa.New Age Salon & Spa Magazine

New Age Salon & Spa has often been described as being equally useful for stylists and consumers, and is known for providing readers with interesting insights into the world of beauty and a number of innovative, out of the box solutions to everyday problems as well as to the ones that affect us on rare occasions. New Age Salon & Spa gives special attention to the latest line of beauty products, carefully weighing out the pros and cons of each new launch in an attempt to inform consumers to help them make a fully educated decision.

Published bi-monthly, New Age Salon & Spa enjoys great circulation numbers of 68000, and a readership exceeding 200000 people. As a result of their great popularity, New Age Salon & Spa has also been identified as a top advertising platform. Advertising in magazines has several advantages, such as enjoying a higher shelf life than newspapers, yet another faction of print advertising. Taking into account the latest advancements in the field of technology, top magazine advertising agency releaseMyAd now allows advertisers to book ads over the internet.

The booking process is simple, and has been encapsulated below:

  • The success (or lack thereof) of an advertisement is often dependent on where it is positioned. Analyze your budget and subsequently choose which portion of the magazine you would like your ad to be located. For greatest visibility, the insides of the front and back cover pages are the way to go. The opening page also guarantees great visibility.
  • The size of an advertisement, especially in print advertising, is a key determinant of how an ad performs. While full page advertisements allow advertisers to creatively express their company’s latest products, smaller strip ads are an efficient and minimalist outlet which serves its purpose of educating the audience about the advertiser’s services. Choose your ad size after carefully considering what exactly you want to achieve for your company from the campaign.
  • To understand your business better, provide us with your contact and business details, and proceed to the next step after you view the different advertising rates based on your selections in the two preceding steps.
  • The ad creative is arguably the most important aspect of your campaign, primarily because this is the one shot you have to convert audiences and add to your consumer base. Upload your creatives in this step. In case you do not possess the resources to create one yourself, you can ask us for assistance.
  • Select the dates when you would like to advertise.
  • Clear Payment via a host of online and offline methods.

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