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Homemaking is a job requiring immense dedication and love. A home maker sacrifices everything just to nurture her family so kudos to them for being able to manage such a strenuous task. To quote Elizabeth George-“Homemaking is a passion you can pass on from generation to generation.” And as generations have moved on, so has the evolution of the home maker. She is now more aware and multitasks with ease. The modern house wife is a budding designer with a dream to make her home beautiful. Good Housekeeping magazine helps her achieve this dream.Mary Kom on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine

Launched way back in October, 2004 Good Housekeeping is an exclusive magazine for the dedicated homemakers. The focus of the magazine is entirely on interior design, home decor, recipes and tips on relationships. This is a tailor-made companion for today’s home maker with articles based on personal interest and on other home improvement topics. It enjoys a massive readership of 3, 30,000 and a circulation of over 1, 10,000 copies making it one of the leading journals in this genre.

Women magazines always have enjoyed an excellent readership base and Good Housekeeping is no exception. A very well read journal and widely popular, it is an excellent advertising platform. Since women constitute an enormous section of the purchasing population, retailers can target them directly. However, selection of a proper advertising agency is necessary. This is where releaseMyAd plies its trade.

releaseMyAd is online advertising platform with a firm grip on the magazine advertising scenario. Its nominal cost services make it a safe haven for your advertising solutions. The easy booking process is another plus point in its ever impressive list of services. You can book an ad in Good Housekeeping following these steps:

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